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19 Best Applesauce Substitute For Baking List You Need Now

Applesauce is one of the most popular ingredients in a lot of recipes. It’s also used as a substitute for various ingredients in cakes and other desserts. What makes the applesauce a good substitute is that it has the same consistency and provides the cakes with enough moisture that eggs do. But what if you want to substitute the applesauce itself for something else!

Today, we’ll walk you through the best applesauce substitute list you need to start baking! This list will include tons of options, including mashed sweet potatoes, fruits, dairy products, and more!

  1. Pureed Apples
  2. Pumpkin Puree
  3. Mashed Bananas
  4. Fruit Purees(4 Options)
  5. Vegetable Purees(2 Options)
  6. Yogurt
  7. Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  8. Organic Almond Butter
  9. Butter
  10. Sour Cream
  11. Creme Fraiche
  12. Cottage Cheese
  13. Buttermilk
  14. Silken Tofu
  15. Coconut Products

Keep on reading, if you want to know what applesauce substitute would be the best for your recipe. Whether you’re out of applesauce or want to try new alternatives, this article will have you covered!

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 10 Applesauce Substitutes for Baking

In the following section, you’ll find a list of the best applesauce alternatives that can be used to replace applesauce in tons of recipes along with everything you need to know about using these substitutes. Let’s check these ingredients and see what they have to offer!

Pureed Apples

Kicking off the list with one of the most straightforward and easiest substitutes for applesauce, apples!

This solution is an excellent one if you don’t like buying processed food that might contain artificial sweeteners or harmful preservatives.

It can also be a good substitute if you’re out of applesauce but don’t want to stray far from the taste profile and texture of applesauce.

To make pureed apples, you’ll need two things, apples, and a powerful blender or a food processor.

Simply make sure that you wash and core the apples before blending them on high power for a few minutes. You don’t even need to remove the skin.

This super healthy substitute for applesauce has no fillers, additives, extra sweeteners, or preservatives.

It also has a higher nutritional value than applesauce because it includes the skin. Some people might add cinnamon or honey to lift the taste and make it more appealing to kids.

Since pureed apples are also almost 100% apples, you replace the applesauce with apple puree in a 1 to 1 ratio and won’t have to adjust the cooking time. For example, you should replace a 1/4 cup of applesauce with a 1/4 cup of apple puree.

Pumpkin Puree

If you have a large stock of pumpkin puree lying in your pantry after the holiday season, you can actually use it as a substitute for applesauce!

What’s great about pumpkin puree is that it has a very similar texture to that of applesauce. This means that whatever you’re baking will have an almost identical consistency, making it another one to one substitute for applesauce.

Keep in mind that pumpkin puree is completely different from pumpkin pie filling. Although they might have a close texture, they have a much different flavor, so using seasoned pumpkin pie filling as a substitute for applesauce will taste much sweeter and not spiced enough.

So, unless that is exactly what you’re going for, we suggest that you stick to pumpkin puree as the applesauce substitute.

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Pumpkin puree is available commercially in the form of cans, which you can directly use without adjustments in your baked goods.

Despite the similarities in texture, pumpkin takes a little while longer in the oven than applesauce because pumpkin purees have more moisture in them. For that reason, you’ll have to check on the oven frequently and see if the baked food is ready before taking it out.

One last thing to know about pumpkin puree is that it’s a perfect substitute for applesauce but not for butter.

In other words, pumpkin puree is used as a substitute in recipes where applesauce is an actual ingredient and not a substitute for butter itself because in that case, you’ll need to make further adjustments to other ingredients for it to work.

Mashed Bananas

Bananas are extremely healthy and nutrient-rich to the point that a single banana can be enough for a quick breakfast or a healthy snack.

What’s great about mashed bananas is that they only need a few minutes to prepare, and it’s quite possible that you have some bananas lying around in your fridge. Luckily, mashed bananas are excellent substitutes for applesauce.

Additionally, if your kids don’t like eating ripe bananas, using them as a substitute for applesauce in baked recipes will prevent them from going to waste!

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10 Best Applesauce Substitute List You Need To Start Baking

In fact, a lot of experienced chefs recommended that you let the bananas ripen before using them as applesauce alternatives because they become sweeter and contain higher levels of moisture.

To prepare them, simply leave a few bananas outside the fridge to ripen then mash them properly with a fork after peeling them.

As a rule of thumb, you should replace about 1/2 a cup of applesauce with one medium-sized banana if the applesauce is the main ingredient in a recipe.

Adding less banana and more water is essential to get a consistency that’s close to the one you have in applesauce.

Yet, things get a bit trickier according to what you’re replacing the applesauce for. For example, if you’re originally using applesauce to replace butter in a recipe, you might need to notch things up to a full one to one ratio when using bananas.

As for oils, you can start from 3/4 cup of mashed bananas for every cup of oil and increase the banana if the recipe needs more moisture.

Baking time will also change when using bananas. Unlike pumpkin puree, bananas cook much quicker than applesauce. Always keep a vigilant eye on what you’re cooking while using bananas to avoid burned goodies.

Fruit Purees(4 Options)

Apples and pumpkins aren’t the only kinds of fruit that you can use to replace the applesauce in your recipes.

Originally, applesauce is a popular ingredient in recipes because it’s tasty, sweet, and can replace the fats used, which can significantly reduce the total amount of calories in the recipe and make it much healthier.

Since applesauce is originally the sweetened puree of peeled and cored apple, you can simply do the same to many other fruits and try them out yourself!

And although the sky here is the limit, here’s a quick list of the best fruits to try out in puree form as a substitute for applesauce:

  • Pears: since they’re extremely similar to apples, pears puree is a great applesauce substitute that can work as an ingredient or as a replacement for oils. A lot of people find it great for coffee cakes.
  • Raspberry: once pureed, it can be a perfect compliment with brownies and chocolate cakes.
  • Pineapple: the high moisture content and unique flavor make it a great substitute for applesauce in a variety of recipes.
  • Apricots: if you’re into the sweet and sour flavor, apricots puree will give you the extra tanginess that you may not find in regular applesauce, plus it’s incredibly healthy!

Of course, the previously mentioned fruits are just a bunch of good examples. You can also consider other fruits like prunes, peaches, and more!

While they might change the flavor a little, you might end up loving the new taste more and continue to use these fruit purees even when you have applesauce in your fridge!

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Vegetable Purees

There are various vegetables that can be excellent substitute for applesauce. Beets, for instance, are a great substitute for applesauce in baking.

Similar to mashed sweet potatoes, they’re sugary enough to give that hint of sweetness you want to make baked desserts.

They’re also easy to puree and follow the same replacement formula as mashed sweet potatoes.

The main thing you need to keep in mind here is that beets will change the color of the final product. So, if you don’t mind that or baking a dark-colored bakery product, you’re golden!

In addition to beets, you can puree zucchinis, which are highly affordable, low in calories, and give a creamy texture similar to that of applesauce!


If you originally use applesauce as an alternative to fats, you might want to consider yogurt as a substitute for applesauce.

Yogurt is low in fats and rich in calcium. It can also make your baked goods thicker with a creamy texture.That’s why it’s a superb option for vanilla strawberry cakes, and some people might even add it to pizza dough!

Since yogurt has a lot more moisture than butter, using yogurt in a 1 to 1 ratio might make your dough a bit too wet.

That’s why some people either throw in a bit of flour to the mix or use 3/4 cup of yogurt for every 1 cup of fats.

To reach the ideal level of moisture and consistency, you should experiment with yogurt on your own to find what is right for you!

Organic Almond Butter

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If your baking recipe requires oil or eggs with applesauce, organic almond butter can be a great replacement. Due to its nutritional content which is high in protein, fiber, monounsaturated fats, calcium, and iron, almond butter adds lots of nutrients to your baking goods without adding too much sugar.

When using organic almond butter to replace applesauce, do so at a 1:1 ratio.

What Is The Best Substitute For Applesauce In Muffins

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed vegetables and veggie purees are great for your family’s health. However, most of them lack the necessary sweetness that makes applesauce excellent for dessert recipes, and that’s where sweet potatoes hop in for the rescue!

Sweet potatoes are nutritious, tasty, and works particularly well as a substitute for applesauce because it has the necessary hint of sweetness.

In fact, some people prefer the use of sweet potatoes in baked goods that they’ve permanently switched to using them in recipes, especially that sweet potatoes are rich in fibers that are critical for healthy digestion.

To use sweet potatoes instead of applesauce, you should bake them first so that you can mash them until they have a vegetable puree texture.

To replace applesauce as a substitute for fats, the mashed sweet potatoes should be about 3/4 of the applesauce used and 1/4 water to reach a similar consistency.

Mashed sweet potatoes work best as an alternative in dense baked goods, such as muffins, cakes, and gingerbread. You can also spice it with nutmeg and cinnamon for extra flavor.


In addition to yogurt, there are plenty of other dairy products that you might consider as a substitute for applesauce.

For example, butter is a versatile ingredient in most baked goods. However, the only downside is that butter contains higher calories and fats. It may not be a great option if you are trying to find a low-fat option.

If that doesn’t concern you, you can always use butter as a substitute for applesauce.

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Sour Cream

A good range of other dairy products might work well too. This includes sour cream, which is a great alternative if you’re looking for a sweet and tangy aftertaste.

Sour cream is thick and creamy, and it will also add texture and make your baked goods spongy.  Most bakers love it as an ingredient to provide a full flavor for your final product.

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese

If you do not have sour cream you can also consider cream cheese as an applesauce substitute in baking. As it is thicker than sour cream, you may need to add some milk to thin it out.

Cream cheese will without a shadow of a doubt add much-needed texture and flavor to your baked goods.

Creme Fraiche

Creme Fraiche is another ingredient that is very similar in nature to sour cream. It is made by mixing heavy cream with a bacterial culture. Bakers normally use it to give their finished baked goods a tangy flavor with a thicker consistency.

However, creme fraiche may not be a popular choice for health-conscious folks as it has a higher fat and calorie content compared to other ingredients.

Cottage Cheese

If you happen to have cottage cheese at home, blend the cottage cheese in a food processor until it is smooth. It is one of the best substitutes if your recipe is baking muffins or cheesecake.

It may not be suitable for other types of baked goods which can cause a more rubbery texture.


Buttermilk is also a heavily underrated product with a tangy taste. Since it’s originally a liquid, you won’t have to worry about your baked goods becoming dry in the oven.

It goes without saying that such options can only be viable if you’re not lactose intolerant, following a vegan diet, or trying to cut down on calories.

Substitute For Applesauce In Vegan Baking

Silken Tofu

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Tofu is one of the most popular food items that is heavily consumed by the vegan community. It’s made by coagulating soy milk then pressing the curds into blocks.

Depending on the amount of pressure used while making tofu, it can be made into various consistencies, which are silken, soft, firm, and extra firm.

Unlike the firm tofu that most people know, silken tofu is lower in protein, which makes it very similar to that of applesauce.

For that reason, some people might find it a pleasant idea to use silken tofu instead of applesauce when replacing oils, and butter.

The formula for substituting applesauce with silken tofu depends on the original ingredient. If applesauce is an actual ingredient in the recipe, you can replace it in a one to one ratio.

However, if the recipe originally had butter, margarine, or oil, adjust the tofu so that every 1/2 cup of fat is replaced with 1/3 cup of blended silken tofu.

One thing to keep in mind is that silken tofu is still too dense when compared to applesauce. For that reason, it usually works best in recipes that are meant to be a bit dense, such as chocolate cake and banana bread.

Coconut Products

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or both, coconut products will have you covered! All coconut products are rich in a wide variety of vitamins and healthy minerals.

They also have a creamy texture and unique nutty flavor that makes them ideal for coffee and chocolate bakery products.

You can use both coconut milk or coconut oil as viable replacements for applesauce. If you want to make them taste a bit similar to applesauce, you might want to add one or two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to the mix.

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Why You Might Need to Find a Substitute for Applesauce in Your Recipe

Applesauce is one of the most popular alternatives for many ingredients in tons of recipes. People mainly use applesauce as a substitute for eggs and oil. However, you might also add applesauce instead of butter and sugar in a lot of baked goods.

It’s a perfect way to reduce calories and add more fibers to your cake without heavily affecting the texture.

Although there are plenty of reasons for you to switch to applesauce, there are also other factors that might drive you to look for a substitute for applesauce itself. Here’s a list of the reasons why you might need that:

You’re out of Applesauce

Some people like to check the ingredients they have in their pantry and make various recipes with only what they have. It’s a perfect way to make sure that you use all the food items you have before they go bad.

Also, you might decide to make a simple dessert on the spot, knowing that you have all the ingredients needed for it.

However, in both of the previous cases, you find that you’re out of applesauce! In that case, looking for a substitute for applesauce will save you the hassle of making applesauce from scratch or going on a trip to the grocery store just to buy a new batch.

As you can see, the list above contains tons of items that you’ll most likely find in your pantry. You can easily prepare them or even find them ready for use directly as a substitute for applesauce!

You’re Trying to Add Variety to Your Recipe

A lot of people use applesauce as a substitute in recipes because they like to add a touch of variety to the food and baked goods. It’s why many people use applesauce that’s flavored with cinnamon.

So, if you were fine about switching to an alternative once, you may find the idea of trying out new alternatives pleasant!

The list above contains various ingredients that will slightly change how your dessert turns out. Some of the changes might make it a bit sweeter while others make it tangier, both of which are appealing to different people with various tastes.

You Don’t Like the Taste Or the Texture of Applesauce

Let’s say that you’ve found a nice recipe online that you would like to try. However, for whatever reason, you don’t really fancy the taste or the texture of applesauce.

Similar to the previous point, you don’t necessarily have to stick to each and every ingredient in a recipe to turn out okay!

In fact, some people might find the results more delicious and appealing when they tweak the ingredients of the recipe to their liking.

You’re on a Calorie Surplus Diet

One of the most popular reasons why people use applesauce in their cakes and other recipes is that they contain fewer calories than oil and butter.

Yet, for underweight individuals that need to gain a few pounds, the doctors might recommend a calorie surplus diet.

Additionally, some athletes, such as swimmers, consume an obscene amount of calories. For example, the former Olympic champion Michael Phelps had to consume up to 12,000 calories a day in his prime!

Some of the alternatives mentioned in the list above contain more calories, which can supply athletes with more energy for maximum performance on the field!

You’re Looking for an Even Healthier Snack

Applesauce is an extremely healthy ingredient. It contains vitamins and antioxidants. But, commercially prepared applesauce can be heavily sweetened.

Moreover, making applesauce requires you to remove the peel of the apple, which removes all the minerals and other nutritious elements of whole apples.

In that case, opting for the apple puree might be an excellent way to add more nutritious elements to your recipe.

Similarly, if you suffer from a lower concentration of a certain nutritious element in your body, you might want to consider an applesauce substitute that has more of that element.

For example, using bananas will grant you more potassium, which plays a huge role in managing blood pressure in your body!

You Want to Try the Authentic Recipe

Since applesauce is a great substitute for eggs and butter, a lot of vegans add them in recipes to maintain the texture.

If you’re not a vegan but happen to have a recipe that’s adjusted to suit such a lifestyle, you can easily opt for applesauce alternatives to give the authentic recipe a try.

You’re Allergic to Apples

Although rare, some people might be allergic to apples, which makes it impossible for them to consume applesauce properly. Of course, that also rules out substituting applesauce with apple puree.

In that case, make sure that the substitute you’re going to use doesn’t trigger any allergic response.

You should also consult your doctor before trying them out because the chemicals that trigger your allergy might be present in other fruits as well.

Wrap Up

There you have it! A complete list of the best applesauce substitutes that you need to start baking!

As you can see, you can use a wide range of food ingredients to replace applesauce in your recipe.

To find out the ideal substitute for applesauce in your recipe, you must keep the reason you’re shifting to a new substitute in mind.

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