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5 Best Bacon Cooker And Buying Guide In 2021

Bacon has always been an all-time delicacy for most of us. You can have it for breakfast or as a quick meal when you are in a hurry. One thing that we must accept is that while bacon is such a great delicacy, you won’t even dream of tasting it if it is poorly prepared. Therefore, it is very vital to have the right apparatus and ingredients for preparing an excellent bacon delicacy that will leave you licking your fingers.

If you are rushing for time, we recommend the George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press as the best bacon cooker. Read further for a detailed product description.

Preparing your bacon appropriately will enable you to reap the health benefits of your bacon. Most of us would like to enjoy taking bacon as often as possible; the only stumbling block is the process of preparing the bacon. With the best bacon cooker, you can comfortably forget about your worries. The whole process of making a bacon delicacy will be as easy as apple pie.

I know that choosing the best bacon cooker that will suit your needs has never been a simple task. That is why this comprehensive review article has been written so that you can always do wonders in your kitchen when preparing a bacon delicacy.

Best Overall

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press, Red, GRP360R


  • Has removable plates and dishwasher friendly parts
  • Has a heating capacity that is 35 percent higher than the previous models
  • Very fast, it can take approximately 10 minutes to get your meal ready
  • Has a durable nonstick coating
  • Cooks four servings at a time

This best bacon cooker is ideal because it has a fat removal feature. It has a sloped grill which enhances fat removal. This feature removes approximately 40 percent of the fat resulting in bacon which is healthy for consumption. With this bacon cooker, you can make your bacon as well as other related servings.

What’s more, its grilling surface is fitted with a nonstick coating which helps in easing food release and the cleaning process. This bacon cooker will help you achieve leaner, healthier and yummier bacon slices.This is also one of the fastest bacon cookers because it takes approximately just 10 minutes to have your bacon ready.


  • Its fat removal feature is ideal for achieving soft or crispy bacon slices
  • Its floating hinge is adjustable
  • The manufacturer designed this bacon cooker to serve you longer for it is durable
  • Its grilling surface has a nonstick coating
  • Has ergonomic handles which will help you handle the bacon cooker with ease


  • Its heat cannot be controlled since it comes with only one heating option
  • Has a very small grilling surface

Best Budget

Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon Cooker

Emson Wave, Microwave Bacon Cooker, Small, White


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removes fat and cholesterol hence making the bacon healthy for consumption
  • Enhances even cooking of the bacon slices
  • Has cooking guide in its packaging

When you intend to make bacon for many people, the Emson wave cooker will serve you best since it can make up 14 pieces of bacon at a time. It reduces the excess cholesterol and fat in your bacon as well. This will make sure that your health regarding cholesterol levels is taken care of.

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The manufacturer packages it together with its cooking guide. You can start baking immediately you get your Emson wave cooker. If you are worried about washing this best bacon cooker after using it, don’t be worried anymore as it is dishwasher safe. You can, therefore, use your dishwasher to clean it.


  • Easy to clean since its parts are dishwasher safe
  • Suitable when it comes to removing excess fat and cholesterol
  • Ideal for cooking bacon for many people
  • The manufacturer packages it with a cooking guide


  • Not suitable for bacon strips which are lengthy

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray with Splatter Lid, Holds 4-5 Strips of Bacon

Joie Piggy Microwave Bacon Tray with Splatter Lid, Holds 4-5 Strips of Bacon, 10.5 x 8.5 x 2-Inches


  • Dishwasher safe to ease the cleanup process
  • Fitted with a lid to prevent any mess likely to be caused by the splatter
  • Has the capability to hold about five bacon strips
  • The plastic material used to make it is BOA-free
  • Its grill has been raised and elevated

For effective cooking with no messy aftermath, the Joie Piggy microwave bacon tray is the best. It is fitted with a lid that prevents spluttering as you prepare your bacon. It has a grooved surface which ensures that heat is distributed evenly and also allows the fat to drain so that your bacon can be healthy for consumption.

The process of cleaning this dishwasher is very easy because it has dishwasher safe parts. You will simply need to use your dishwasher to do the washing process. If you are planning to prepare bacon for a large number of people, this is the best product because it can hold about five bacon strips simultaneously.


  • Easy to use, requires no special skills to operate.
  • It is very easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe
  • Enhances even distribution of heat
  • The raised and elevated ridges aid in dripping fat from your bacon to make it healthy for consumption


  • Its parts are not as sturdy as they should be for it to work effectively

Camerons Products Microwave Makin Bacon Cooker



  • No fat splutters in the microwave hence easy to clean
  • Made of plastic material that can withstand high heat
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reduces the fat content in your bacon by 35%
  • Safe for use in the microwave only
  • It takes a single minute to get your bacon slice ready

If you want to have your bacon soft or crispy, this is the best bacon cooker for you. It cooks the bacon strips in the air and not in the fat. It will drain off close to thirty-five percent of fat, making your bacon crispier, healthier and yummier. Using the Cameron Products Microwave Bacon Cooker is a simple task that you should not worry about.

Simply set the amount of time you want your bacon to take so to cook effectively for convenience. You will experience very little spluttering, but still, you can choose to have a paper towel sheet to prevent any mess likely to be caused by the sputtering.

With this best bacon cooker, you can prepare up to twelve slices of bacon at a time. That great capability makes it ideal for use in a medium sized household.

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  • Easy to clean since no fat sputters and is also dishwasher safe
  • Reduces the fat content in your bacon because the bacon gets cooked above the fat
  • Has a tray that holds the fat from the bacon. You can use the fat to fry later
  • A fast and convenient way to make bacon since it takes only one minute to get a slice of bacon ready


  • Melts down when exposed to high temperatures
  • Not suitable for those who like bacon with a crispy feel

Presto 05100 PowerCrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker



  • Its electrical system has been built to meet the North American Electrical standards
  • Has handles that are easy to grasp. They are all around the entire base to enhance convenience.
  • The PowerCrisp is easy to use. Lifting away the bacon is simple as you can do so using the edge of a knife
  • Fitted with special racks which will prevent your bacon from sitting in grease. The racks allow the dripping away of the fat from your bacon to a deep base
  • Can make up to ten bacon strips which have a soft consistency and a crispy feel

If you desire to have some healthy and lean bacon pieces, look no further. The PowerCrisp does excellent work. The process of loading it is quite easy. All you have to do is simply drape the bacon slices over a rack which is easily removable. Place it in the base for the bacon slices to be ready.

It cooks bacon according to the time you have set it to take in the microwave. It will give your bacon slices a soft or crispy consistency. With this bacon cooker, your bacon will not be sitting in the grease from the fat that is dripping from it.

Your bacon will not have excess oil thanks to the tray which is 2-inch deep and aids in giving the bacon its crispy feel. The bacon cooker is ideal since it causes no splatter as you cook your bacon. This is contrary to what normally happens when cooking your bacon using a pan.


  • Easy to load, assemble and disassemble
  • Has handles that are easy and cool to hold
  • Prevents your bacon from getting greasy, thanks to the special racks which allow fat from your bacon to drip into a deep base
  • You can adjust the time over which you want your bacon to cook
  • Easy to clean since it has dishwasher safe parts
  • The manufacturer assures you of a two-year warranty


  • Not suitable for small microwaves

Features To Look Out For When Buying A Bacon Cooker

There are certain distinct traits you should put into consideration when buying a bacon cooker. This will help you a great deal by ensuring that it suits your needs and serves you as you expected.


The size of the bacon cooker you purchase should be suitable such that it fits in your oven. In case you get a bacon cooker that is bigger than your oven, it will do you no good since you can barely put it into use.

Consider The Grill Or The Cooking Racks

When buying a bacon cooker, always check out the grill or the cooking racks. You are at liberty to choose either of the two. If you decide to get a bacon grill, it should be one that will effectively remove oil and fat from the bacon. This makes the bacon healthy for consumption.

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You can also choose a cooking rack. This is defined as the standard construction of a bacon cooker. It is a simple structure which has several slots where you place the bacon strips. If you go for the cooking rack, you will certainly need an oven or a microwave to get your bacon ready for consumption.


In the market, you will find a variety of bacon cookers which have varying capacities. For instance, there are those that can handle more than twenty pieces of bacon at a time and others hold only eight pieces. Consider the number of people you will be making bacon for and this will help you a great deal in deciding the capacity your bacon cooker’s capacity.


Frying does not remove the excess fat and cholesterol in your bacon. You should get a bacon cooker that drains off excess fat to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the bacon. Do not let your bacon cook in the greasy oil.


The construction of your bacon cooker should be suitable enough for it to suit your needs. It should be microwave and oven safe and should be strong enough to prevent it from getting dents and bends. The material should be free from toxins, BPAs and other dangerous chemicals. Make sure that it has passed the quality control standards to be sure that it will be safe for use.


I would recommend that you use a bacon cooker that you are conversant with. This will ease your bacon cooking process as well as the cleaning process. If it has parts which need to be assembled and disassembled, be certain that you can do that comfortably.

Wrapping Up​

After doing a lot of research by considering the qualities, customer reviews, performance and prices of several bacon cookers, we settled on the five that have been reviewed in this article. The five products that have been included in this article will offer the best services you could ever think of. Your bacon making experience will change for the better the moment you will acquire any of the above-reviewed products.

The best bacon cooker should meet certain features as has already been discussed. With that having been said, the George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press seems to have an upper edge over all the other products. It meets all the features that the best bacon cooker should have. It is easy to clean, easy to assemble and disassemble, can allow you to adjust the time taken to cook your bacon among very many other great features.

We would, therefore, urge you to give priority to George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press when planning to buy the best bacon cooker for your bacon cooking needs. We would highly appreciate it if you could share this article with your friends so that they can also enjoy cooking their bacon.