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5 Best Fillet Knife And Buying Guide In 2021

Living in the time and age where even kitchen equipment keeps improving from day to day, we can be sure that we have everything provided for a far easier experience. The same is applied to kitchen knives as well, fillet knife to be exact.

Best Fillet Knife can be an asset to your kitchen. If you are rushing for time, our best fillet knife recommendation is the Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife. Read further below for our full product description

Various companies that make knives and other kitchen utensils have become popular in the past years for the mere reason that people want something durable. But not only that, they want something that is durable while still maintaining a quality and efficient design.

Now, this is where we step in; we will introduce you to a world of flavors where fillet knives are made at a high standardized quality.

Top 5 Fillet Knives That You Should Own!

The following list is going to comprise not only the most popular ones but also the fillet knives that we think are the best. Do note that the items in this list aren’t ordered in a best to worst kind of format.

Best Overall

Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife



  • It weighs 12 ounces
  • It has a 7.1-inch blade
  • Stain-resistant alloy on the blade itself
  • Traditional style handle that provides the best comfort possible
  • It is coated with high-carbon steel
  • Made in Germany

We present a 7.1-inch fillet knife from Wusthof, great for filleting skinning and deboning of all kinds of fishes. The blade itself is precision forged and made out of high carbon steel.

It has a non-slip traditional style handle that won’t fail you. The entire knife is made in Solingen, Germany, often referred to as the “Cutlery Capital of the world”


  • For the size, it has a really nice small weight
  • Really great design and construction
  • Great for meat and poultry as well


  • The tip might be too sharp for some sheaths
  • A bit more expensive compared to other models

Best Budget

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 7-1/2- Inch Slicing/Fillet Knife

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Blade Slicing/Fillet Knife (7-1/2 Inch), Slicer, 7-1/2-1


  • 7-1/2-inch thin blade made out of stainless steel
  • The blade is long enough that extends from tip of knife that stretches up to handle’s end
  • The designer handle is made of solid walnut
  • The knife can be easily hand-washed

Now we have a more popular knife on the market which comes in a kitchen-knife like the design. It is great for slicing fillets from fish, but for various sorts of meats and poultry as well.

The high-carbon coated stainless-steel blade actively fights against rusts and stains. This ensures maximum sharpness. A lifetime warranty is also included in this deal.


  • The whole blade is really sharp and great for filleting all kinds of fishes
  • The blade can be re-sharpened
  • You get a lifetime warranty
  • It will take a long time for the blade to become dull
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  • The steel might be too thin for some people
  • Handle and grip isn’t ergonomic enough

Best Fillet Knife For Fish

Bubba Blade 9-Inch

Bubba 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle, Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel Titanium Coated Non-Stick Blade, Lanyard Hole and Synthetic Sheath for Fishing


  • Non-stick coating
  • 9-inch Flex blade
  • Comfortable grip with thumb and finger pads
  • Full tang construction

Now we finally get to see a knife with a longer blade, with an amazing 9-inch blade and a 6-inch handle, making a total length of 15 inches. The design varies different from other models and it gives a hunter styled look.

The grip is also far more comfortable, offering you a non-slip experience that will last, with both thumb and finger pads.


  • Comes with a sheath
  • The grip is really secure
  • Warranty included


  • The blade itself gets dull fast
  • Not as sharp as other knives

Global Cromova G-21

Global 6.25" Boning Knife


  • 6 1/4-inch blade made out of molybdenum/vanadium stainless steel
  • Lightweight design that reduces fatigue
  • Made in Japan

Coming from Global, we are presented with a lightweight filleting knife that is entirely made out of steel. The blade itself is made out of stainless steel with a combination of other elements that make it even sharper. The blade itself is 6 1/4 inches long.

The grip is also made out of stainless steel with a modified handle that can be still used comfortably. Lifetime warranty is provided with this knife.


  • The material is really high-tech and sharp
  • Handle is far more efficient than it looks
  • Lifetime warranty included for both defects and breakage


  • Customers report that the blade gets dull fast
  • Bigger price compared to other models

Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo


  • Rust free stainless-steel blade made out of 33 layers
  • Pakkawood handle which provides comfortable and efficient use
  • 6-inch Japanese gokujo type knife
  • Blade made out of high-carbon VG-10 by KAI

This is a popular Japanese Gokujo type knife that is used by both novices and professionals alike, great at both boning and filleting. The blade itself is made from a popular Japanese manufacturer called KAI, and apart from that even the design and shape is efficiently made

An elegantly contoured shape allows it an ergonomic grip which will provide you with a safe and efficient use. And you get all of this at a budget-friendly price and a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Extremely durable knife as it is rust free
  • Retains its sharpness even after multiple uses
  • Worth the money, probably the sharpest knife you’ll ever use


  • Could use a longer blade
  • Grip could be better since the blade is really sharp

What to Consider Before Buying a Fillet Knife

If you buy a simple and cheap fillet knife right now, you will probably end up buying another one soon after, but what is the point of that? Isn’t it better to spend a bit more and have something that will truly last?

In the following section, we are about to discuss some of the characteristics that may help you with choosing not just the best knife for your money, but the best knife for your needs. Just as every product, some are specialized for something while others are just for general use.

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Of course, the first thing that comes to your mind when buying a knife is the material that it is made out of. Since there isn’t any point in saving money on a knife that will last you a long time, you should look into buying something durable and sharp.

But which materials do you need to fill those requirements? Well, currently it seems that high carbon steel is the most popular ones, used by many brands all across the world. But other than that, we have also encountered multiple variations of stainless steel combined with other elements such as vanadium, molybdenum and so on.

In the end, if you’re still not sure how the material fares, you can always check out various video reviews of people testing the knife out. We always recommend you to see tests from third party reviewers in order to get an unbiased view on it.


As we already mentioned, just like in all products, some are made for specific purposes while others end up being for an all-around general use. While the knives that are for some specific purpose or specific kind of fishes tend to be more expensive, they are still worth to be looked into.

The kind of fish that you’re going to use the knife on will make a huge impact on your buying decision. While it will not be literally one fish, knives will sometimes be made for a group of fishes that are categorized by either location or species.

If you end up buying a knife that is specialized for a couple of kinds of fishes, you will certainly make a decision that is far more efficient. This is mostly because not all knives can be used on all fishes, some prefer thinner blades while some need a denser or sharper blade.


As much as we repeat that you should never save money when it comes to buying a knife, we still fully understand that some people simply don’t have a budget for it. In that case, you should always look for the best possible quality instead of buying the knife because it is a well-known brand.

But with this preface, don’t allow yourself to think that these high-quality knives have a premium price along with them, in fact, the opposite is true. A great deal out of the popular knives on the market are actually really affordable.

You may see some going in a $50 range while still being good enough, while on the other hand, the most popular ones hang around the $100 price point. Some professionals and enthusiast even tend to spend more than 300 dollars on a single knife!

What to Look For in A Fillet Knife?

Now that you have researched everything ranging from material to the amount of money you can spend on a fillet knife, you can finally find out what exactly to look out for. In the following section, we’re going to explore exactly that.

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Sometimes you can’t just look up the reviews of certain products and hope that they right and that they fulfill every aspect that you require. You will just need to put a bit more time in learning the material, and you’ll be set to buy a fillet knife properly

So how about we find out which aspects make a fillet knife the best one?

Grip Design

When buying a knife, you should really look into something that has an ergonomic and sturdy grip; this characteristic will greatly affect how you handle the knife.

Not only that you will have a far safer choice, you will also be more effective and flexible when it comes to using the knife on a fish. Some grips may be made out of wood, plastic or even some kind of metal, but the quality of it all depends on the type of it used

Size of The Blade

The blade size will also have an impact on how efficient you are when using the knife. Simply put, you need to take into consideration what type and size of fish you’re going to use the knife on.

So, if you were to use it on small fishes and for general home use, you would buy a knife with small blade size.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on using it in a professional environment with large fishes, you will absolutely prefer a longer blade.


This is another aspect which will make it easier to choose the right blade. But this is deeply connected with your budget and needs, so in the end, you need to balance everything in order to get the best bang for the buck.

Again, if you are planning on using it just for domestic purposes, you will want to skip this part and get something that isn’t too good but isn’t horrible either. And if you’re going to use it every other day or even daily, you will want something sharp since it will affect how long it will last and how hard will it be to use it.


Now that you have finally explored every single detail that is important when it comes to fillet knives and a variety of popular and best fillet knife we really hope that you’ve made a choice already.

When it comes to these types of knife you really can’t go anywhere wrong because the moment you break the $50 price point you will encounter nothing else other than pure quality.

But which knife on the list was the best one? Well, we really have to hand the #1 place over to the Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife; German products always tend to be made with premium quality materials. It may be expensive compared to some other best fillet knife in this list, but with a comfortable handle and a sharp blade made out of high-carbon steel, it will never let us down.

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