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5 Best Lump Charcoal And Buying Guide In 2021

During the summer season, cooking outside with family and friends is what most people always wish for. Honestly, there is nothing that I look forward to like spending time with my family and friends during summer.

Having a good grill is the secret to getting good food with an appealing smoky flavor that you can barely resist. To make sure that your friends, family and relatives get the best grilling experience this summer, you need to have the best lump charcoal.

If you are rushing for time, then we would recommend the Royal Oak Lump Charcoal as the best lump charocal. This is because this product has almost all the ideal qualities the best lump charcoal should possess. It is easy to light, leftover charcoal chunks can be reused, comes at a reasonable price.  It also produces minimal ash and burns for a longer time.

Here is a detailed review on some of the best lump charcoal types you are likely to find in the market. This review will help you in getting the best products without much of a hassle.

Royal Oak 195228071 Lump Charcoal


  • Lightsvery fast and easily. You can actually make use of old newspapers to light it
  • The Royal Oak lump charcoal contains no chemicals or additives
  • Burns with a hotter flame which is consistent to enhance even grilling
  • It is a natural product which has been made from trees such as walnut, oak, maple and hickory
  • Suitable for all grills

You are assured of a hundred percent purity with Royal Oak. It has been made from hardwood trees such as walnut, oak, maple and hickory. No additives have been added to it, and so it will give your grilled meals a natural and smoky taste.

Royal Oak lump charcoal is easy to light since it will only take 15 minutes for the charcoal to light fully. In the packaging, there is a great assortment of lump charcoal sizes. It is also suitable to be used in entirely all grills.

This best lump charcoal gives a consistent hotter flame that will make that whatever you will be preparing cooks well.


  • The charcoal chunks that are left can be reused
  • Reasonably priced hence can be bought by even financially average class people.
  • The charcoal burns fast and produces a minimal amount of ash
  • The royal oak lump charcoal burns for a longerperiod of time
  • Easy to light


  • The lump charcoal in the charcoal bag is crumbled

GRILL DOME CCL-20 Choice Lump Charcoal


  • Each charcoal bag weight 20 lbs.
  • Burns clean since it produces little smoke
  • Burns for a longer period of time
  • Produces hotter heat upon ignition

The Grill Dome lump charcoal will give your grilled barbeque a crispy and bold flavor. It is free of any chemicals, tars and additives. This makes it a hundred percent pure and natural. You can reuse the charcoal chunks, and this makes them cost-efficient.

The charcoal chunks light faster, burns cleaner and longer. It will also burn for a very long time to make sure that your food gets fully cooked. What’s more, the heat produced by this lump charcoal is very hot and will result in a faster cooking process.

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If you are worried about dealing with smoke when cooking, say goodbye to your worries as this product produces less smoke. The only issue to be concerned about when using this product is the large and equally sized charcoal chunks that are unsuitable for small barbeque chimneys.


  • Burns quite well and for a longer period. With the Grill Dome lump charcoal, you can cook a variety of meals
  • The charcoal chunks are of an appealing size which allows them to burn out over a longer period of time
  • Easy and fast to light. It won’t take you long before you start making your grilled barbeque
  • Produces little smoke. This will ensure that you get a clean grilled meal


  • The sizes of the charcoal chunks in the charcoal bag are huge and of the same size. This makes them not suitable for a small barbeque chimney

Best Lump Charcoal For Grilling

Jealous Devil Quebrancho Blanco Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal - 35LB


  • Has medium sized charcoal chunks
  • Lights up very fast
  • No popping sound when burning
  • The rate of ash production is minimal

For all the lovers of grilled barbeque, this is the ideal deal for you. Its burnt aroma, red and black packaging will assure you that the charcoal will get your work done. Their density is incredible to suit your grilling purposes.

This lump charcoal will give you the ultimate grilling experience since it burns for a long time. This will allow you to cook any meat you desire together with the smoldering extremely hot flames.

Upon burning, it produces no chemical smell. The ash production is low which will make it easy for you to handle your grilled barbeque. What’s more, lighting up this lump charcoal is very easy and anyone can do it even if you have fewer skills in doing so.


  • An excellent choice for your grilling needs
  • Enhances even heat distribution
  • Leads to low ash production
  • Does not produce a chemical smell
  • Produces a smoldering hot flame


  • The amount of dust found in the charcoal bag is a cause for alarm
  • The charcoal chunks are rather small

Best Lump Charcoal For Smoking

Fogo FHWC35LB 35-Pound All Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal Bag

Fogo FHWC35LB 35-Pound All Natural Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal Bag


  • Lights up very fast
  • Burns for a longer period of time
  • Gives your food an attractive hardwood smoked flavor
  • All natural
  • No sparks
  • Contains no chemicals or fillers

This Fogo natural lump charcoal originates from the dense hardwood from Central America. The Fogo premium lump charcoal has the best features for making any kind of food you desire, from veggies to any type of meat. Lighting this lump charcoal is so simple and does not require the use of any lighter fluids.

With it, you can choose to slow cook your meals or to cook them fast especially if you need to prepare a quick meal for your guests or members of your household. Within a short period of time, the Fogo premium will produce an ideal amount of heat.

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When cooking, the charcoal will not produce sparks which normally cause quite a scare to many people. It will leave your grilled food with an appealing smoky flavor that will be loved by almost everyone.


  • Produces no chemicals as it burns
  • Lights easily and very fast especially when you are using a chimney starter
  • The Fogo premium charcoal is a natural product
  • Perfect for preparing every meal, ranging from vegetables, meat and fish. This is because you can have slow and fast cooking
  • Available at a price that is fair and affordable


  • There have been complaints that it lasts for only a short period of time.

Original Natural Charcoal 17.6 Pound Premium Lump Charcoal Bag

Original Natural Charcoal - 100% Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoals - Unique Blend of Apple, Cherry, and Oak Trees - No Smoke, No Sparks, and Low Ash (17.6lbs)


  • No added chemicals
  • Restaurant quality
  • Lights fast and burns twice as hot
  • Pure BBQ scent
  • All natural hardwood

For those who have been looking for the best lump charcoal made of only purely natural hardwood, this is the perfect match for you. This Original Natural Lump charcoal has no chemicals, nitrates, fillers or any other petroleum products. The process of lighting this product is very quick and will be ready for grilling in just 10 minutes.

What’s more, it burns hot and lasts longer than many other lump charcoal brands. It is very efficient to use this product as it produces less ash which results in minimizing wastes resulting in less clean up to be done. Every bag of original natural lump charcoal will give you value for your money.

This is one of the best lump charcoal that is made in a very eco-friendly manner. The wood used in making the charcoal is gathered from downed trees and pruned branches of existing trees. This makes sure that environmental conservation takes place by not cutting any existing trees.


  • It burns for long which makes it ideal for smoking while providing a hot burn which is perfect for grilling
  • It is made of pure materials with no chemicals.
  • Produces less smoke and has a sweet scent that will make the foodssmell great.
  • Produces a reduced amount of ash requiring less clean up because of minimal wastage


  • Has almost 20% small and ultra-fine charcoal pieces which make it unusable in many charcoal cookers.

Factors to Consider When Buying Lump Charcoal

1. Budget

Budget is a major factor to consider when you intend to purchase any product. It is advisable to buy a lump charcoal whose cost is within your budget. Do not buy charcoal that is too cheap since that could be a compromise on its quality.

Cheap could turn out to be expensive in the long run. Also, keep in mind that the most expensive product may not be the best. Just make sure that the lump charcoal you buy has all the right features and strikes a perfect balance between price and quality.

2. Ease When Lighting

Lump charcoal that is easy to light is ideal since it will take only a short period of time before you start making your grilled barbeque. If you one that does not light up easily then you might face a lot of disappointments before you get cooking.

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3. The Amount of Ash Produced

Choose a lump charcoal that produces a very minimal amount of ash. This will ease your barbeque making process, and you will achieve a clean meal. Who wouldn’t want such a clean meal that can be prepared quickly?

4. Burning Time

How long will the charcoal chunks burn? This is an important question you need to ask yourself. Charcoal chunks that burn for a longer period of time are ideal since with them, you can prepare meals that take longer to get ready, and you can also cook a variety of meals.

5. Is The Burning Consistent?

Lump charcoal that burns consistently is ideal. This is important because consistent charcoal burning will ensure that your grilled barbeque gets evenly cooked.

6. Presence of Additives

Before you buy a certain brand of lump charcoal, you should make sure that it is entirely pure, with no additives. This will ensure that your grilled barbeque attains an appealing smoked flavor.

7. The Extent to Which it Burns

The extent to which lump charcoal burns is a crucial factor to consider. The hotter your lump charcoal burns, the more likely that your grilled barbeque will get ready fast and evenly.

8. Does The Charcoal Produce A Chemical Smell Upon Combustion?

An ideal lump charcoal is that one that does not produce a chemical smell while burning. This is because it will not contaminate your grilled meal with chemical effluents.

9. Components of The Charcoal Bag

Ensure that the lump charcoal brand you choose has no items in it other than the charcoal chunks themselves.

Tips on Using Your Lump Charcoal in The Best Way When Grilling

  • Ensure there is sufficient ventilation as you cook using your charcoal
  • Ensure that you preheat the grill before you commence cooking
  • Do not heat the two sides of the grill to the same temperature before you start cooking
  • To light, the charcoal, use a chimney starter other than a lighter fluid

Wrapping Up

This summer, you will neither struggle nor take too much time trying to decide the best lump charcoal for your barbeque grilling purposes. Take your time and try out some of the lump charcoal types we have reviewed. With time, you will select the one that suits your purposes best.

All the products that we have reviewed will work great for you. There is no harm in trying out each of the lump charcoal that we just reviewed so that you single out one that will work great for you. This is because one man’s meat is another man’s poison so what is ideal for me may not be perfect for you.

However, if you were expecting us to make a recommendation, then we would recommend the Royal Oak Lump Charcoal. This is because this product meets almost all the qualities that an ideal best lump charcoal should possess. It is easy to light; the left charcoal chunks can be reused, it comes at a reasonable price; it produces minimal ash and burns for a longer time.