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Can I Replace Maple Syrup With Honey?

You ran out of maple syrup, and you’re wondering – Can I replace maple syrup with honey? A great sweetener is always perfect for your pancakes, oatmeal, and baked goodies. So, if that maple syrup jar barely has anything left in it, then you may be tempted to grab some honey instead.

YES. You can replace maple syrup with honey.I personally prefer to use honey because not only is it easy to find in stores but it’s also nutritious. It may be a tad pricey just like maple syrup but you get so many nutritional benefits from it. Thus, the money you spend on honey is absolutely worth it.

But is it a good idea or not?

Here’s everything you need to know on what the best replacement for maple syrup is. You will learn the right measurements to use honey and a few other excellent alternatives to maple syrup.

Can I Replace Maple Syrup with Honey?

Maple syrup is an outstanding sweetener for baking and cooked meals.

But what would you do if suddenly there’s no more maple syrup left in the pantry?

If you’re not quite keen on heading to the store to pick up a new jar – or you can’t exactly tap a maple tree for some homemade sweet syrup….

Then, here’s a practical option when you are in a bind.

There are actually a few ingredients that are perfect as a maple syrup substitute. With just a little mixing and measuring, you can get the right texture and flavor you need.

Let’s say you need maple syrup for your recipe.

When it comes to cooking, always keep in mind that there’s some wiggle room for using the correct measurements and substitutions for ingredients.

With just a bit of tweaking here and there, you can find the perfect flavor that suits your preference.

However, the same is not true with baking, unfortunately. A huge deviation from the measurements required in the recipe will result in a disappointing outcome. If you need maple syrup and use something else, the taste and texture of your dish may be a far cry from what’s expected.

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Keep in mind that maple syrup comes with a distinct flavor and aroma – it’s quite difficult to replicate it.

You can learn more about these interesting facts about maple syrup in this video

Here’s the good news – there is an alternative that can be close to maple syrup’s unique taste profile:


By using the correct ratio, you should be able to achieve a flavor a bit similar to the sweet flavor maple syrup has. And as you keep reading, you’ll find out just how you can do it.

How to Use Honey as an Alternative to Maple Syrup

Some people use molasses, corn syrup, and sugar as a maple syrup replacement.

While these are all sweet and tasty, they don’t quite capture the quality that maple syrup possesses.

Do keep in mind that honey is a bit thinner in terms of its consistency. Maple syrup is thicker, which is why you need to work on improving the texture before you use it for baking.

I would also like to point out that honey is less sweet than maple syrup. This is why if you use honey as it is in a recipe that calls for maple syrup, the outcome may turn out sub-par.

So, I suggest that you do some mixing before you get started.

For instance, you need to mix a cup of honey with half a cup of brown sugar. This would help boost the flavor and sweetness. Moreover, brown sugar intensifies the color of honey, making it darker – just like that rich and deep brown hue maple syrup has.

This is the measurement I use for a recipe that requires a 3/4 cup of pure maple syrup.

Are There Other Alternatives to Maple Syrup?

As I mentioned earlier, there are some people who use other ingredients in place of maple syrup.

Perhaps they find maple syrup more expensive or just harder to find, so they consider using cheaper options.

Some of the commonly used ingredients as sweeteners to recipes (with their measurements) are:

1. Brown Sugar

As it is not as sweet nor as liquid-like as maple syrup, it can be tricky to use this ingredient as a replacement sweetener.

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Thus, you will need to reduce your wet ingredients by a couple of tablespoons for every half a cup maple syrup added. This is what you do when you decide to use sugar. Also, be sure to lower your baking temperature by up to 25 degrees F.

2. Corn Syrup

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It’s the quickest replacement for maple syrup because just a cup of corn syrup for every cup of maple syrup is all you need. No more confusing maths involved!

The only downside is that it is high in glycemic index. So, if you are following a low sugar diet, this is not a good option for you.

3. Molasses

Once again, it’s easy to swap out your maple syrup for molasses. The measurement you need is just like what you do with corn syrup. The glycemic index is lower than corn syrup but a smidge higher than honey. So, it’s something to take into consideration before using this ingredient.

Then, you have your imitation maple flavor. Baking shops usually sell this ingredient, but it is just like sugar in terms of the texture – solid instead of syrup. You will need to dissolve it in water first, then you should be able to achieve the maple syrup taste and flavor you want.

Bottom Line

Maple syrup is a fine sweetener to use for your baking recipes.

But if you run out of this ingredient and asking yourself “Can I replace maple syrup with honey”, you will be glad to know that it’s definitely an option to consider.

With just the correct measurements applied, you can obtain the flavor and texture of maple syrup by using honey – plus all the amazing nutritional benefits it offers!