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11 Savory Clam Juice Substitute For Fish Stock And Sauces

Clam juice is the broth that comes from clams. Because of its fishy taste and freshness, it is occasionally used to make soups, sauces, chowders, seafood meals, and other foods that require a savory, fish flavor.

In Italian cuisine, clam juice is used to cook seafood dishes and pasta sauces. It is also sometimes used to deglaze the pan while cooking as it imparts a mineral-like flavor to the meals.

Sometimes, clam juice can also be really difficult to find in supermarkets and grocery stores. Thus, it is always a good idea to look for substitutes if you can’t have them at the moment.

  1. Fish Sauce
  2. Fish Stock
  3. Chicken Broth
  4. Vegetable Broth
  5. Shrimp Stock
  6. Oyster Liquid
  7. Oyster Sauce

Before we go into the potential alternatives, let’s understand how this savory juice is made.

11 Best Substitute For Clam Juice 

Clam Juice Substitute

Boiled clam with soup in Japanese style5

To get the broth, the clams are usually shucked and steamed. When fresh, the flavor of the juice is sour but crisp. It is not seasoned with any other spices besides salt to maintain the freshness of its flavor.

Clam juice is mostly sold in small containers. Instead of using it as a beverage, you may generally utilize it as a flavoring agent. It increases the flavor of bisque and clam chowder when combined.

However, not everyone enjoys clams or other fishy foods. There are also some people who just cannot eat it, as well as others who have allergic reactions to it.

Here are some of the best substitutes that you can use in place of clam juice.

Fish Sauce


Fish sauce is a popular condiment in Asian cuisines. Although it might not be common in Western kitchens, having it on hand might still help you in a lot of ways.

Fish sauce has an umami, seafood flavor that is nearly identical to clam juice. However, due to its high sodium level, it is incredibly salty and flavorful, which may not be healthy. As a result, you may just need a few teaspoons on your dish when using it.

Fish sauce will certainly bring out all the flavors in your dish, most especially when added to soups, broths, and even stir-fries. What’s more, you can also use it in marinades and sauces.

Fish sauce is one of the most convenient options to try if you are looking for clam juice replacements. Plus, because it is concentrated, you can be able to use it in several dishes.

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Fish Stock

Fish stock is one of the best alternatives to use when clam juice is not available. Since it is also seafood, you won’t have a problem finding that ‘seafood’ taste you are looking for.

Fish stock is light, tasty, and can have a thick consistency depending on how it is prepared. Usually, it is boiled, deboned, and mixed with other veggies to remove its raw and smelly odor as well as to bring out all of its flavors.

Fish is also widely available in wet markets and grocery stores. You can buy them fresh or frozen, the option is yours. However, it would be best to buy the fresh ones because they are the ones that are full of flavors.

In addition, since fish is not that rare and difficult to catch, it might also be cheaper than clams.

Chicken Broth


Since chicken broth is a clear and tasty broth just like clam juice, it would be a good alternative to use. However, you won’t get any seafood flavor from it if that is what you are looking for.

If you are allergic to seafood or you just don’t want to eat foods that have something with it, chicken broth is the answer. The flavors are light, but the texture and adaptability are still present, making it an excellent cooking replacement.

Chicken broth is quite simple to obtain and prepare. It is also inexpensive. In fact, if you cook frequently, you’re likely to have some chicken broth on hand, so you’re good to go.

Vegetable Broth

Just like chicken stock, vegetable broth is also easy to have. Either you make your own or buy it at the store, it can be a great alternative to clam juice. It is also perfect for vegans out there.

The good thing about vegetable broth is that it’s easy to prepare since it has no bones, unlike beef and chicken.

Usually, vegetable broth is composed of celery, carrot, onions, pepper, and some spices that are roasted or sautéed before they are boiled. This way, it will have a nice, caramelized flavor.

Although vegetable broth cannot give you the same taste as clam juice, it will still suffice for soups and stews.

Shrimp Stock


Of course, if you are really running out of options, why not use other types of seafood as well? Just like fish, shrimps are good at giving a flavorful, pungent seafood taste to your dish. It’s not only great in soups and broths, but it’s also delicious over pasta and rice.

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Shrimp stock is also prepared in the same way as you would prepare fish stock, vegetable broth, and clam juice. Wash the shrimps thoroughly first before boiling them, and the most important part is to not remove the shells because that is where all the essential flavors would come from.

Significantly, shrimp also becomes orange when cooked. Thus, it might give a distinct orange flavor to your soup in most cases. So if you are conscious about the color of your broth, shrimp stock may not be the best option to use in place of clam juice.

Oyster Liquid

The oyster liquid comes from raw oysters. And since clams and oysters both come from the group of mollusks, you can expect to acquire the same flavor profile of clams from oysters.

However, the oyster liquid is better to use on cocktails rather than on dishes. It is perfect to use particularly for Bloody Mary, a type of cocktail that contains alcohol, different types of juices, herbs, and spices.

However, just like clam juice, the oyster liquid can also be difficult to find. So if ever you get your hands on it, be sure to use it in the best way you can.

Compared to clam juice, oyster liquid may have a thicker consistency. Thus, you can add more water, depending on your preference.

Oyster Sauce


Another seafood flavored sauce that you can also substitute for clam juice is oyster sauce. When you don’t have clam juice but want a fishy flavor, oyster sauce works great.

Furthermore, oyster sauce has a salinity that is similar to clam sauce. Since both of these come from the same group, the taste may also be somewhat similar.

Oyster sauce can be used in place of clam juice in any recipe that calls for it. But keep in mind that since it has already been processed, the flavor may be concentrated. Thus, adjust your seasoning accordingly.

Since it is mainly an Asian seasoning, you can find it mostly in Asian stores or in some grocery stores and supermarkets.

This one isn’t limited, and you’ll find that chowders, soups, sauces, and drinks can all generate nearly comparable outcomes.


Dashi is a type of stock flavoring that is popularly used in Japanese cooking. It is used to enhance the delicious flavor known as umami in different types of soups and broths such as miso soup, noodle soups, hot pots, and many other simmering liquids.

The most basic type of dashi is prepared from vegan Kombu, a type of sea kelp. However, there are also stronger variants that are made by extracting the flavor from bonito flakes, dried sardines, dried shrimps, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried scallops, adzuki beans, or toasted soybeans.

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Dashi is full of flavors and it is a versatile ingredient that can be used in several types of dishes. It can handle everything from Asian recipes to stews and even cocktails.

Fortunately, Dashi is now easier to get to than before since it now comes in the form of granules and powder. While you might not have dashi in your pantry, you can often get it in some grocery stores and Asian supplies.

Dry White Wine or Dry Sherry


Almost every convenience or grocery store has dry white wine available on their shelves, which is why it would be a perfect substitute for you to use in place of clam juice.

Aside from its wide availability, dry white wine is not only a delicious and delightful liquor but it is also perfect for pasta, soups, and chowders as it has a unique subtle flavor.

In case dry white wine is not available, you can also opt for dry sherry as it contains similar characteristics and flavor. The sweetness of these dry liquors is what adds an exceptional flavor to the dish.

Dry white wine and dry sherry are simple alternatives for clam juice, it’s just that they contain alcohol. However, if you are planning to mix them in your cooking, you won’t have to worry about the alcohol content anymore.

Seafood Bouillon

If none of the above components are still available, you can use a seafood bouillon instead. This is a perfect alternative for those who have no time to find fresh ingredients.

Seafood bouillon is a concentrated, seasoned stock that’s been reduced by boiling out the liquid until it’s a thicker paste, cube, or powder.

The advantage of using seafood bouillon in your dish is that it is convenient, tasty, and cheap. You won’t have to prepare and boil down fresh seafood since it is already done for you.

You also don’t need to worry about the funky smell and taste of fish since they were already removed for you. Hence, you just have to mix it into your dish while cooking.

Seafood bouillon is also far cheaper than clam juice or any other fresh seafood out there. However, as much as it has several advantages for you, it might not be the healthiest option on this list.

Seafood bouillon is also salty and could be sometimes acidic due to the seasonings and preservatives added to it. So adding water can help balance all the flavors.