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16 Amazeballs Hazelnut Substitute For Baking

Who doesn’t love hazelnuts? Everyone loves it, except only if you are allergic to it. It’s the special ingredient in many chocolates, dips, spreads, desserts, and drinks on the market – you name it! Hazelnut can elevate almost any dessert with its delicate, creamy, earthy taste. So, what are you going to do if you run out of stock?

Well, read on… In this article, you’ll discover the best substitutes for it, whether you are allergic to hazelnut, or just simply ran out of it.

But first, let’s get to know hazelnuts a little bit better.

What Is Hazelnut?

Hazelnut is the seed of a hazel tree, and just like any nut, it is loaded with antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats, and dietary fibers. It is great for brain and skin health, and even the digestive system. It is also good for the heart and known to lower cholesterol levels.

When processed, it can also turn into oil, extract, butter, and liqueur. It’s crunchy and good as it is, which makes it great for salad toppings and even for savory cooked dishes.

It is also best paired with chocolate, coconut, and vanilla. This is actually what brought Nutella to fame as many fell in love with its distinct and complementary blend of creamy chocolate and earthy hazelnut. Usually, hazelnuts are used for desserts and drinks.

Flavor profile

Hazelnut Substitute

Hazelnut’s flavor profile is so unique that you couldn’t find any other nut that is exactly like it in terms of taste and smell. It is the most aromatic nut with an intense earthy taste and subdued sweetness. Its toasted and buttery flavor is soothing and palatable to taste.

16 Best Substitute For Hazelnut 

If you are aiming to get a similar texture and crunchiness, there are no better alternatives than nuts as well. So, here are the best nut alternatives:

Macadamia Nuts


Similarities: Look, feel, and buttery flavor

What makes it unique: Sweeter than a hazelnut, which makes it a great substitute for desserts.

Macadamia is a good alternative if you are making desserts or sweet drinks. However, it is not the best option for weight-conscious individuals as it contains higher fats and calories than hazelnut.

If you don’t mind the calories and would still prefer to enjoy its sweet creamy and buttery taste, then it is the best choice.


Similarities: Crunchiness and texture

What makes it unique: Fewer calories, lower fat content, yet contains higher protein.

Almonds are the best alternative when you want to get the same creaminess and crunchiness of hazelnut. The only difference is that almonds are slightly bitter, whereas, hazelnuts are earthy and sweet.

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The trick here is to use raw almonds and blanch them to tone down the bitterness and make it close to hazelnut’s flavor profile, instead of using the roasted ones.



Similarities: Creaminess

What makes it unique: High amount of protein which is great for muscles.

Cashew is best for shortbread, cookies, and milk-based drinks. It is also great for salads and cooked dishes if you want a light crunch. And most importantly, it is the best choice for people who are aiming for a lean and toned body because of its high protein and mineral content.


Similarities: Crunchiness and texture

What makes it unique: Creamier and crumblier than hazelnuts. It is the healthiest of all nuts, according to US studies.

Walnuts have a richer earthy taste than hazelnuts, which makes them perfect for almost anything – desserts, dishes, bread, salads, etc. If you are looking for a richer, creamier, and crumblier nut alternative, go for this one. It is also the best choice for health-conscious individuals.

Unique Substitutes (with subtle differences in flavor profile)

Here are the options for people allergic to nuts:



Similarities: Creaminess

What makes it unique: Gluten & Nut-free

Okay, before you ditch this, read on. Oats may have a different flavor profile than a hazelnut, but there’s a way to get the taste close to it.

Just roast the oats in butter over low to medium heat until you get the nutty taste. The only downside to using oats is it doesn’t have the earthy-floral aroma and taste of hazelnut.

Sunflower oil

Similarities: Nutty flavor

What makes it unique: Higher nutritional value than hazelnut

Are you not fond of hazelnut’s earthy nutty taste and aroma? Do you prefer a light nutty flavor with a smooth buttery taste? If so, then try replacing it with sunflower oil.

It’s highly nutritious and packed with omega acids for healthy-looking skin, nails, and hair.

To get the best tasting sunflower oil, try the unrefined cold-pressed ones and pair them with vinaigrette for salads, bread, and even cooked dishes.

Pumpkin Seeds


Similarities: Nutty flavor

What makes it unique: Highly nutritious and filling

Pumpkin seeds need to be roasted to unleash that nutty flavor. But don’t expect a strong nutty taste like hazelnuts because it’s light and a bit salty.

This can be great toppings to any dish, but it can be eaten as it is, just like popcorn! If you want a healthier alternative to chips, that is both filling and nutritious, try the pumpkin seeds. Need I say more? Replace that bag of chips with a cup of pumpkin seeds and you will be full right away.

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Similarities: Floral aroma and buttery flavor

What makes it unique: Provides more food energy

Pecans are great for baking and salad recipes because of their buttery flavor and nutty taste and texture. It is a common ingredient in brownies, cookies, and chocolate cakes as it gives off that crunch that balances the chewy goodness of sweet desserts.

It is crunchy and slightly bitter on the outside, but as you bite it, you will taste a smooth buttery flavor. The only downside is it spoils quickly because of high fatty acids, so proper storage is needed.

Chestnut flour

Similarities: Nutty and silky

What makes it unique: It is gluten-free and low in fat.

Would you believe that this gourmet ingredient was considered only for peasants before? It originated from Italy and is often used in pasta for gluten-free recipes. Many people love its silky and distinctly sweet and nutty flavor.

When buying, choose the ones with a fine silky powder texture and light-yellow brown color to get that nutty aroma and flavor. Don’t buy moist and sour-smelling chestnut flour as it is an indication of spoilage. Note that it gets rancid easily because of its high-fat content if not properly stored.


Similarities: Nutty and buttery flavor

What makes it unique: Easier to find and with more options

Just like oats, granolas are a great substitute as well because it is mainly oats. The only difference is that you have more options and flavors to choose from.

If you want a nutty and buttery taste with a hint of fruity flavor, there’s for sure an option for you. You may even make it extra crunchy and sweet by toasting it with butter and brown sugar.

However, please note that granolas already have higher sugar content than other hazelnut alternatives so if you have diabetes, better not choose this option. Maybe try the next suggestion.

Sweet chips: butterscotch, caramel, or chocolate chips


Similarities: Sweetness and texture

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and flavored

Feeling experimental and playful? Or do you just want extra sweetness and texture? You will never go wrong with sweet chips in desserts. Choose from a variety of flavors or pair and mix it all until you gett your preferred flavor.

If you don’t like sweet chips, don’t worry, there are other nut-free alternatives out there that are not as sweet as chocolate.

Nut-free Substitutes – for people allergic to nuts

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Gotta bake but gotta be nut-free? Don’t worry – we got you! Here are the best nut-free alternatives to hazelnut flour:

Coconut flour

Similarities: Mild and sweet taste as hazelnut flour

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense

Coconut flour is the best choice if you prefer neutral-tasting flour for desserts like cassava or sticky rice. It also goes well with almost every savory dish because of its neutral taste that can balance the saltiness of any dish while giving thick consistency.

Quinoa flour


Similarities: Nutritional value and nutty taste as hazelnut flour

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense

This superfood is great for baking, too. There’s just a subtle difference in flavor as it is slightly bitter with a grass-like taste as opposed to hazelnut, which is floral and nutty.

This can be remedied by quickly toasting it to achieve the earthy nutty taste similar to hazelnut. What’s great about it is its high fiber content and low glycemic index, which makes it the best choice for people who are trying to lose weight.

Tip: Sprinkle some dried cranberries and/or raisins to adjust the sweetness and add some crumbly texture since these two flours have a neutral nutty taste.

Dried Cranberries

Similarities: Floral notes and soft nut texture

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense

Dried cranberries are a good replacement if you want a hint of tart flavor. Just note that it lacks the earthy and nutty flavor, but can be a good alternative for hazelnut’s texture.



Similarities: Floral notes and soft nut texture

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense

Raisins are similar to dried cranberries except it is softer and sweeter. It is used as a replacement for hazelnut because of its soft crumbly texture that complements sweet desserts.

However, expect that it will be sweeter and not as earthy and aromatic as hazelnut.

Crisp Rice Cereal

Similarities: Crumbly texture, buttery, and nutty taste

What makes it unique: Nut-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-dense

Rice crispies are made with crispy rice coated with butter and sugar. It can mimic the crumbly texture of hazelnuts with a bit of smooth buttery taste.

These can be in a form of cereal, bite-sized snacks, or flavored with stuff-fillings. It is a good replacement for hazelnut flour if you want no-baked desserts.

Just crush it until you get the desired texture, add some butter and other ingredients you like such as chocolate, butterscotch, etc. Spread it layer by layer, then put it in the refrigerator overnight.