Keeping Stainless Steel Smudge-Free


When equipping your kitchen with the best possible items, stainless steel mixing bowls are an obvious choice. These bowls retain their luster across hundreds of uses and are structured for incredible durability. Mixing bowls are some of the most frequently used pieces of kitchen equipment; whether baking or cooking, having mixing bowls in several sizes is a necessity. With nesting steel mixing bowls, you are sure to have all the bowls you need without taking up all of your cabinet space! As you strive to make your kitchen look its finest, grab some stainless steel mixing bowls!

For owners of modern kitchens, keeping stainless steel smudge-free is often a challenge. Stainless steel appliances, counters and fixtures are all the rage in contemporary decorating schemes, but many owners have failed at keeping them looking good as new. Although fine stainless steel offers the advantage of resisting rust, it is not impervious to fingerprints.

Learn the techniques for proper upkeep and cleaning of stainless steel.

Get a handle on your steel

Always grasp handles instead of refrigerator or oven doors. Likewise, close doors with the handle rather than with a nudge of your foot to avoid leaving behind a telltale shoe print. Getting in the habit of using the handles on your stainless steel surfaces is half the battle.

Keep cleaning supplies handy

Make sure you keep appropriate wipes on hand for cleaning your stainless steel kitchenware. Choose lint-free rags like micro-fiber cloths, and use them only to wipe down your stainless finishes. These soft wipes do not scratch your costly stainless or leave behind a trail of lint. Try to wipe off stains when they happen rather than allowing something like sticky pancake batter to harden on your steel bowl set. You use less effort for the clean-up and reduce the risk of scouring and scratching the finish.

On a weekly basis, set aside time to buff appliances and stainless surfaces. This gives them a like-new shine and keeps grime from accumulating. If you take care of your stainless steel in these simple ways, your rewards include incomparable luster and years of use.

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