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12 Best Stewed Tomatoes Substitute For Any Recipes


Are you looking for the best stewed tomato substitutes? Then you are at the right place as we will be talking about what we can use in its stead. You can use stewed tomatoes to improve the flavor and taste of your recipes, especially stews and soups.

So, if you run out of them, you may be desperately searching for a good substitute with the same texture and flavor.

Fortunately, there are a few substitutes for stewed tomatoes just in case you can’t get your hands on this ingredient for whatever reason.

  1. Diced Tomatoes
  2. Crushed Tomatoes
  3. Tomato Paste
  4. Canned Whole Tomatoes
  5. Fresh Tomatoes
  6. Tomato Sauce
  7. Tomato Puree
  8. Sun-dried Tomatoes
  9. Catsup

Read on to be more familiar with these substitutes and start using them in your recipes. But first, let us understand why this ingredient is so popular for people that prefer a healthy diet.

12 Best Substitute for Stewed Tomatoes

 Stewed tomatoes are healthy and, without a doubt, among the most versatile and flavorful ingredients you can add to any recipe

This ingredient has this sweet flavor that can perfectly balance all the other bold ingredients you added to your recipes.

Stewed tomatoes are also very versatile that aside from being good on their own as a snack or side dish, you can also create a delicious marinara sauce base just by adding garlic to it. It is also a great ingredient for barbecue meats, chili, and stews.

If your recipe calls for stewed tomatoes and you don’t have some at home, here are the top substitutes for this ingredient guaranteed to recreate their texture and taste:

Diced Tomatoes


Despite being made differently, diced tomatoes still make great substitutes for stewed tomatoes. You can use stewed and diced tomatoes similarly in a few recipes.

Using diced tomatoes in place of the stewed ones is ideal if you are planning to make a stew or soup.

To use diced tomatoes in your recipe, follow the one-to-one ratio. Note, though, that since the two are prepared differently, you will have to cook the diced tomatoes longer compared to the stewed version. [Source]

Crushed Tomatoes

Crushed tomatoes result from blending tomato puree and mashed tomatoes. They boast of their semi-liquid and smooth consistency, as well as sweet taste. They are a bit smoother compared to stewed tomatoes while also having smaller tomato chunks.

Crushed tomatoes also have textures that seem to be in between the textures of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. You can use them as great replacements for stewed potatoes in spaghetti or pasta sauces, as well as in other recipes, like thick tomato sauce and cream soups.

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Tomato Paste


You can also make your own tomato paste, so you will have a ready alternative to stewed tomatoes whenever you run out of them. The good news is that the whole process is easy.

You just have to cook and strain the tomatoes over several hours. It should result in a thickly concentrated paste with a thick texture.

The flavor should also be intensely sweet, which would, of course, indicate that it is prepared from tomatoes. It is a great idea to use tomato paste in place of stewed tomatoes as the two have similar flavor profiles.

Be extra careful when using the paste, though, because sometimes, its flavor becomes too concentrated.

In most cases, it would be enough to use around a spoon of the paste. You are also allowed to incorporate some seasonings into the tomato paste if you intend to use it as a stewed tomato substitute.

Some seasonings you can add are thyme, onion, and garlic, which can give the paste a much deeper flavor.

Canned Whole Tomatoes

Basically, canned whole tomatoes refer to peeled whole tomatoes that are packed in a sealed can. These tomatoes are unseasoned, which is the reason behind their quite bland taste.

You can make adjustments to the flavor as you cook, though, so you can develop a distinctive taste based on your preference.

Canned whole tomatoes with their juices still intact are perfect for various dishes, including casserole, pizza, and pasta. You can also use these canned ingredients as substitutes for stewed tomatoes when preparing dishes that require prolonged simmering. These include soups, stews, and tomato sauces.

The good thing about this substitute is that you can also transform them in any way you want. You can crush them, use your bare hands to mash them or slice them to prepare diced tomatoes.

It is also possible for you to use this ingredient to prepare a much better alternative or replacement to stewed tomatoes. All you have to do is to cook the whole tomatoes together with one-fourth cup bell pepper and one-fourth cup onion (both chopped).

Your decision to add more ingredients to the whole tomatoes can create a mixture that showcases the savory and fresh taste of tomatoes, making it an ideal replacement.

Fresh Tomatoes


Being among the most readily available foods in your fridge, you can just grab a few pieces of fresh tomatoes whenever you need stewed tomatoes for your recipe and you already run out of them.

You just have to use the available fresh and ripe tomatoes to prepare your own stewed version.

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Do not feel too intimidated during the preparation as the process is actually easy, convenient, and inexpensive. Be prepared to spend some time during the whole preparation procedure, though.

You will need around half an hour to one hour for this.

Fresh tomatoes are also helpful even in those instances when you are in need of a quick alternative to the stewed tomato since you can’t afford to spend a lot of time doing the process.

In this case, the only thing you have to do would be to cook the fresh tomatoes along with a few suitable and appropriate seasonings. After that, you can use it in your dishes using the 1:1 ratio.

Tomato Sauce

You will not also regret using tomato sauce in place of stewed tomatoes. Tomato sauce is primarily made out of tomatoes that underwent thorough cooking and blending. This results in a dense and silky texture. Note that this sauce is thicker compared to stewed tomatoes. It also has a smooth and intense taste. Expect it to blend particularly well when used in stews, pizza toppings, and creamy pasta.

Remember that tomato sauce is more solid compared to stewed, so it is advisable to use a smaller amount of it. Around three-quarters of a cup with tomato sauce would be enough to substitute one cup of the stewed variety.

It is also possible for you to incorporate some herbs and vegetables into your recipes. That way, you can increase your chance of duplicating the taste or flavor of the original stewed tomatoes.

Tomato Puree


Your dishes that require stewed tomatoes will also taste great if you use tomato puree instead. Tomato puree can be defined as a heavy tomato liquid, which results from boiling tomatoes, specifically those that no longer have skins and seeds.

It has a bit denser texture compared to the tomato sauce. The taste is also more robust compared to the tomato paste. This means that the tomato puree is a mixture of the characteristics of both the sauce and paste.

What’s good about tomato puree is that it already holds the reputation of being capable of enhancing the flavors of dishes.

This makes it an ideal substitute for stewed tomatoes. It tends to work well in pizza toppings, tomato soups, and pasta sauces. Similar to the other stewed tomato substitutes we have mentioned, you are also allowed to incorporate some spices, herbs, and vegetables into your puree to maximize their results.

To use as an alternative to your favorite stewed tomato ingredient, use two-thirds cup of it for every cup of stewed tomato.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Sun-dried tomatoes can be simply defined as ripe tomatoes that went through prolonged drying under the heat of the sun. By exposing it to sunlight for a long period, there is a high chance for the tomato to lose its shape and water content.

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Prior to the tomato’s sunlight exposure or dehydration, you have to treat it with the salt coming from the sulfur dioxide. This should help in enriching the look and flavor of tomatoes. It is also advisable to add some water or tomato puree to your sundried tomatoes.

That way, it can mimic the texture and flavor that’s distinctive to stewed tomatoes, which is the reason why it is also an amazing substitute.



Another impressive alternative to stewed tomatoes is catsup. This substitute contains sugar, vinegar, and spice, resulting in a sweet flavor that is also ideal for use in preparing meals and dishes that require stewed tomatoes.

Just remember that you have to use only a small amount of catsup as its texture is not as thick compared to the stewed version.

The reason behind this is that it contains sugar. Despite that, it can still provide your dishes with good taste.

Tomato Soup

A soup, which uses tomato as its primary ingredient, is also a good replacement for stewed tomatoes. You can often prepare this soup by using tomato puree, pepper, and salt as ingredients. This can result in a soup with the rich taste of tomatoes and the added seasonings.

Note, though, that for this stewed tomato substitute to work, it is advisable to use only a few seasonings. While tomato soup and stewed tomatoes have different textures, the two still have the same flavor profiles.

Their resemblance in flavor make tomato soup a suitable alternative to stewed tomatoes.

Roasted Bell Peppers

Roasted Bell Peppers

If you prefer a substitute that is not made of tomatoes, then you can go for roasted bell pepper. This specific substitute has a savory and sweet taste that is almost the same as tomatoes.

You may use it if you are not that fond of eating tomatoes, but still love to incorporate their unique tastes into your recipes. It is a good way to add the enriching taste of stewed tomatoes into your dishes.

Cherry Tomatoes

You can also choose to use cherry tomatoes known for being healthy substitutes for stewed tomatoes. They are rich in nutrients, including Vitamins A and C that can boost your immune system.

Include the flavorful cherry tomatoes into recipes that require stewed tomatoes to boost their nutrition value. They have tender skin, promoting ease in crumbling them so you can use them in your salad.

You can also dice cherry tomatoes to use in pizza sauce, paninis, and pasta.