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13 Interesting Substitute For Marshmallow Cream In Baking

Whether baking with it or using it to make a sandwich, a bottle of handmade marshmallow cream will be a welcome addition to your baking arsenal.

The fact that marshmallow cream can be found on a shelf in the baking department of practically any grocery store in the US has led to many people admitting that they take it for granted.

While available in some countries, it is not widely available in most other countries.

The good news is that various components may be substituted for marshmallow cream and the option of making your own.

What Is Marshmallow Cream?

Substitute For Marshmallow Cream

Marshmallow cream is a sweet confection prepared from sugar, egg whites, corn syrup, and vanilla extract. It is a popular dessert in the United States. This gooey spread has a flavor comparable to marshmallows, but it is spreadable and semi-solid in texture.

Instead of having a solid and spongy texture, marshmallow cream has a softer and more fluid consistency due to the absence of gelatine in its preparation.

One of the primary reasons that marshmallows are frequently made with gelatine is to provide firmness, which allows them to be cut and packaged in tiny pieces. Even after being left out for an extended period, marshmallow cream doesn’t firm up and stays soft.


Marshmallow Fluff, the most widely used brand of marshmallow cream, has been around since the early twentieth century. The legendary Fluffernutter Sandwich first appeared on store shelves in 1917, less than a year after its introduction. The sandwich is prepared with peanut butter and marshmallow fluff and is a famous New England treat.

13 Best Marshmallow Cream Substitutes

Marshmallow cream is frequently specified in recipes for no-fail sweets, such as no-fail fudge or fantasy fudge. This is because marshmallow crème, unlike marshmallow fluff, includes cream of tartar.

Cooks with a lot of experience use cream of tartar to make their fudge set correctly. Cream of tartar disintegrates sucrose into glucose and fructose, limiting the likelihood of the sugar crystallizing back together again after being broken down. It ensures that the fudge stays smooth, soft, and chewy, rather than grainy or gritty, and hard.

Finding alternatives for marshmallow cream can be tricky and sometimes involves more than 1 ingredient rather than a direct swap. 

Here are some of the best alternatives for Marshmallow Cream

Zefir (Russian Marshmallows)


Zefir is a light and airy dessert produced by beating fruit and berry mush with egg white and sugar until light and fluffy. It requires gelling chemicals, such as pectin, agar, or gelatine, to maintain its shape, as regular marshmallows do.

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Zefir was first made in countries once part of the Soviet Union, though it can be traced back to Greece. Russian marshmallow, which is another name for Zefir, has a consistency that is like meringue.

You can also melt it under a double broiler and use it in melted marshmallows in recipes.

Honey and Peanut Butter

If you want to make Rice Krispie treats without the marshmallow cream, you can substitute peanut butter and honey. Simply place the honey in a saucepan and bring it to a boil over low heat.

And when it’s runny, stir in the peanut butter and a touch of salt until well combined. Combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until they are well combined.

Chocolate and peanut butter

Chocolate and peanut butter

Rice Krispie treats can also be made without marshmallows by using chocolate or peanut butter as a substitute. You must combine the identical amounts of peanut butter and chocolate, and then add honey to taste.

Put the concoction in the microwave for 30 seconds, then whisk it until it is good to use.

Sugar-free Marshmallows

Do you want to indulge in a guilt-free treat? Pre-made sugar-free marshmallows, inspired by the grand old days of Ancient Egypt, may be found online in a plethora of flavors.

Furthermore, depending on which ingredient you wish to eliminate, you may be able to attempt to produce it at home as well. Sugar-free marshmallows are made without sugar and contain sweeteners such as allulose, xylitol, or agave.

Gelatine-free Marshmallows


Gelatine is not harmful to one’s health. Instead, it provides a variety of advantages, such as being a high source of amino acids and collagen.

Because it is generated from animals, specifically pigs, people from some cultures want to avoid consuming it as much as possible.

Agar can be used in place of gelatine in desserts if you aren’t too enthused about the idea of gelatine in your sweets. It is a fantastic plant-based alternative to gelatine with the same jelly feel as the real thing.

Additionally, you may get gelatine-free marshmallows through online stores or make your own at home.

Baked Brie

If you are not a massive fan of sweet foods, baked brie cubes may be a lot better option than marshmallows cream. Due to the toasty scent that is released when the cheese is roasted, it makes an excellent substitute for S’mores.

Remember that brie is a bit savory, so you may want to include some sugar, fruit, or caramel in the dish to bring the flavors closer together.

Creme Patisserie (Vanila Pastry Cream)

Creme Patisserie

Crème Patisserie, often known as vanilla pastry cream, is another excellent marshmallow cream substitute. It is also a delicious dessert that many people enjoy.

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Even if you are not a lover of the vanilla flavor, this pastry cream will become a fixture in your sweets because of its versatility. It’s an excellent choice for chocolate eclairs, fruit tarts, and cream pie, among other desserts.

Cookies with Vanilla Filling

Any type of cookie with a vanilla filling could be substituted for marshmallow cream.

Alternatively, these cookies can be crushed into cake filling or sweet pastry dough, or they can be sprinkled on top of sweet treats and drinks such as hot chocolate to add a delicious garnish.

Cream Cheese


When it comes to desserts, cream cheese is the key ingredient, and many people simply love it because it is simple to work with and only requires 15 minutes to prepare.

This cream is typically made from condensed milk, cream cheese, and some form of flavoring – most commonly vanilla – and is served chilled. Creating a thick, gummy cheese cream with a texture similar to marshmallow cream is all about mixing – and the better your mixer, the fluffier your cream will be.

Marshmallow Protein Bar

Sweetener-free marshmallow protein bars are becoming increasingly popular, and the marshmallow cream used in them is often free of standard components such as corn syrup and sugar.

Despite this, the texture and flavor will be comparable to the real thing, making this an attractive alternative.

Vanilla Jello


If you are looking for a dessert with the sticky consistency of marshmallow cream, vanilla jello can be a good option.

Bear in mind that jello has a firmer texture than pudding. Gelatine and vanilla flavoring are used to create this simple treat, which may be made in your own house.

Vanilla Ice Cream

For those who have a sweet tooth and are craving for marshmallow cream, vanilla ice cream may be a suitable option. Without a doubt, vanilla ice cream is among the most flexible dessert options available, and there isn’t a single dessert that wouldn’t benefit from a scoop of vanilla ice cream to finish it off.

Homemade marshmallow cream


While it appears difficult to make, homemade marshmallow cream is quite simple to prepare. There are only four ingredients in this recipe, which are boiled on the stovetop and then whipped into stiff peaks.

  1. Pour the sugar, egg whites, and cream of tartar into a double boiler or heat-proof dish set over a small saucepan of simmering water and whisk until stiff peaks form.
  2. Continue whisking until the sugar has completely dissolved and the mixture has become thinner.
  3. Using a mixer, beat on high speed until stiff glossy peaks form after removing the pan from the heat and adding vanilla extract.
  4. Whipping is the stage where the magic takes place—watching the mixture turn from a thin solution to voluminous fluff, literally a giant puffy cloud.
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3 Free Marshmallow Cream Recipes

If you are a s’mores fan, there’s a good likelihood you are also a fan of marshmallow cream.

There is somewhat about this ingredient’s pure color, sticky consistency, and invigorating sweetness that reminds you of childhood favorites like peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches.

This delicious treat isn’t only for spreading; it can be used when baking mouth-watering desserts.

Here are three recipes that call for marshmallow cream.

Chocolate-Marshmallow Cookies

If you like chocolate cookies, you will want to prepare an additional batch of these. They’re made with both butter and shortening, which make the cookies crunchy outside and chewy inside. A coating of chocolate conceals the marshmallow cream, resulting in a surprising flavor and textural change to your favorite classic cookie recipe.

White Chocolate Creme Dip

This dip is made with white baking chocolate, half-and-half, and a bottle of marshmallow cream, and it is delicious for dipping crackers, cookies, and other baked goods in. To add a festive dash, scatter pomegranate seeds on top.

Fluffernutter Dessert Hummus

This delicious dip is created with a can of garbanzo beans, peanut butter, and marshmallow cream, and it’s served with a variety of crunchy snacks. Crackers, pretzels, and apple slices are just a few of the options for dipping. Ultimately, you’ll have a tasty snack recipe with 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber.

Substitute for Marshmallow Cream Related FAQs

Is marshmallow cream the same as marshmallow fluff?

Even though they have similar consistencies and flavors, there is one significant distinction between cream and fluff: the texture.

Because cream contains cream of tartar, whereas fluff does not, the cream is the better choice for producing fudge.[Source]

What does marshmallow cream taste like?

Marshmallow cream has everything people love about marshmallows, except it is in a semi-liquid state.

It’s very creamy, soft, and sweet, and it mixes beautifully with a range of flavors such as chocolate, banana, peanut butter, pumpkin, lemon, spice, etc.

When toasted, it has the taste of a marshmallow that has been roasted over an open fire.

Does marshmallow cream harden as it cools?

Marshmallow cream is prepared essentially the same way marshmallows are, but in significantly different amounts and without gelatine, preventing it from setting firm.

How do you store homemade marshmallow cream?

It is possible to keep homemade marshmallow cream at room temperature for up to six weeks if stored in an airtight container.