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13 Best Substitute For Pepperoncini Peppers in Mississippi Pot Roast

Pepperoncini peppers are mild, sweet, chili peppers that are also knowns as golden Greek peppers or Tuscan peppers. Even though these peppers are considered to be chili peppers, they are actually quite sweet.

Pepperoncini have a special place in the kitchen, especially when it comes to tomato sauces, soups, and all kinds of sandwiches, but what do you do when you run out of pepperoncini peppers? Here are some substitutes to help you out.

The best substitutes for pepperoncini peppers are

  • Banana peppers
  • Cayenne peppers
  • Cherry peppers
  • Poblano peppers
  • Trinidad perfume chili peppers
  • Anaheim peppers
  • New Mexico peppers
  • Rocotillo peppers
  • Cascabel peppers
  • Cubanelle chili peppers
  • Jalapeno peppers
  • Hungarian wax peppers
  • Red pepper flakes

Keep up with us to find out more about these aromatic chili peppers.

Pepperoncini Pepper Alternatives

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper is a long and skinny type of chili but sweet pepper, that has a red color and a slightly hot taste. Cayenne is a popular pepper, and it’s known to have lots of health benefits like improving heart health and the digestive system.

Not only that but cayenne also is wildly used in the kitchen for all kinds of food, mainly savory. While cayenne peppers are a good substitute for pepperoncini peppers, they can be slightly hotter than them so, in recipes, you would want to use them more lightly than you would use pepperoncini.

Of course, if you are the type of person that can handle spicy food and has no problem consuming it, you don’t have to do it lightly.

Recipes With Cayenne Pepper

  • Pepper Flakes- make some dried cayenne pepper flakes to give your next dish an earthy flavor.
  • Cayenne Pepper Sauce- You can mix some other types of peppers in this wonderful homemade sauce. The only ingredients are peppers, sugar, salt, diced onion, and garlic.
  • Chicken Wings In Sweet Cayenne Sauce- After cooking your wings, toss them into a mixing bowl along with some starch, and a sweet cayenne pepper sauce. It will be finger-licking good.

Banana Peppers

Banana Peppers

This is a bright yellow, medium-sized chili pepper that also has a mild and tangy flavor. This pepper is not considered to be hot, even though you can feel the spiciness just a tiny bit.

The name banana pepper comes from the actual shape of the pepper, they are straight with a slight curve at the end, and of course who can forget the bright yellow color that makes the actual resemblance to bananas?!

Banana peppers can be either sold pickled or as fresh peppers. Either way, they taste amazing in everything you put them in. Here are some suggestions for what can you do with both of these types of banana peppers.

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 Banana Peppers Recipes

  • Stuffed Banana Peppers- This is a version of jalapeno poppers, but with banana pepper instead. This tasty treat has everything quality in it, cheese, steak, and some fresh chopped chives.
  • Salsa- Crushed tomatoes, a whole bunch of cilantro and mint, some fresh banana peppers (chopped), and of course pair with some crunchy tortilla chips.
  • Pickled Banana Peppers- Make your own sweet jar of pickled banana and bell peppers using some sugar, water, vinegar, vegetable oil, and salt. It couldn’t be easier.
  • Pulled Pork Sandwiches- Grab your bread, add some mayo, and the pulled pork. Finally, garnish your sandwich with some fresh chopped banana peppers or pickled ones.

Cherry Peppers

Cherry Peppers

Cherry peppers(also called pimiento peppers) are short, and moderately hot types of peppers. They have a round shape and a bright red color that adds freshness and sweetness to every dish you put them in.

These peppers are most often pickled or brined, and this way, their sweetness comes to light even more and makes it an excellent topping for pasta, pizza, and different types of salads.

What Can You Do With Cherry Peppers

  • Roasted Cherry Peppers- Grab your baking tray, some canola oil, and some salt. Roast your peppers in a preheated oven (400 degrees Fahrenheit) for 15 minutes.
  • Stuffed Cherry Peppers- You can put your favorite ingredients in this recipe. I always go simple with some shredded rotisserie chicken, pepper jack cheese, salt, and pepper. Bake 20 minutes at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Stuffed Cherry Peppers With Whey Cheese- The best in this recipe is that you can either bake your peppers or eat them raw. The recipe is easy, mix your whey cheese with some pepper and salt and use the mixture to stuff your peppers with. I prefer this appetizer when it’s raw.

Other Alternatives For Pepperoncini

Poblano Peppers

Poblano or Ancho peppers have a beautiful dark green color and are basically made for stuffing and roasting. These peppers are originally grown in Puebla Mexico but they are wildly famous and grown in California.

They are quite large in size(making them great for stuffing) and slightly hotter than Pepperoncini peppers.

Trinidad Perfume Chili Peppers

These green/yellow peppers contain little to no heat, but they do make it up with their amazing aromatic properties, hence the name perfume peppers.

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Perfume chili peppers will make your house smell unbelievable if you just put them on your stove and roast them just like that.

The taste is also a journey itself. They have a citrus-like fruity flavor that would go amazing in any salad you put them to. Not to mention the slight smokiness that sneaks up on you when you eat these peppers.

Anaheim Peppers

This variety of peppers(also known as the Magdalena or California pepper) looks the closest to pepperoncini and tastes like it too.

Anaheim peppers come from the Anaheim region in California but they originate from New Mexico and are close cousins with New Mexico peppers that are somewhat hotter than Anaheim.

The Anaheim peppers are mild in heat and they can be used for anything, stuffing, roasting, or can be put fresh in salads.

The dried version of Anaheim peppers is called ”chile seco del norte”.

New Mexico Peppers

New Mexico peppers share a close resemblance to Anaheim peppers, except they are much more flavorful, giving you a smoky and pungent taste to everything you put them in.

They can be either green or dark red/brown.

Rocotillo Peppers

This is a very hard-to-find pepper and it is a great mild alternative to the habanero peppers. These are honestly the cutest peppers I have ever laid eyes upon.

When young, Rocotillo peppers have a yellow/green color, and when they are more mature they have a bright orange or dark red/brown color.

This is a very mild pepper that has a sweet and citrus-like taste.

Cascabel Peppers

The name means ”little bell” or ”sleigh bell” so naturally you think of a little round chili pepper with a mild and sweet taste. Their color can range from green to red depending on how ripe they are.

Cascabel peppers come from several areas in Mexico where they are sold either fresh or dried.

Cubanelle Chili Peppers

These banana-shaped green peppers make a great secret ingredient in every recipe. They are perfect for stuffing and putting raw in salads but they are the best when fried in some oil, getting the name Italian Frying Peppers.

Jalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno is maybe one of the most popular types of pepper currently in the market. Jalapenos are mild-hot peppers and you can find them in your local grocery store in many ways, pickled, dried, and of course fresh.

These peppers are great for stuffing and making Jalapeno poppers, putting on pizzas, and burgers.

 Hungarian Wax Peppers

These peppers are very rare and they look exactly like pepperoncini but in fact, they are much hotter than them.

If you don’t mind the extreme spiciness, then this is the perfect substitute for you. Hungarian wax peppers are indeed hot but they also have a sweet note to them that resembles the taste of Pepperoncini.

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Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes are a mix of a variety of dried peppers that are used in almost every meal to enhance the flavors and add a little spiciness.

This product is sold everywhere and it is very affordable for everybody.

Pepperoncini Peppers

Pepperoncini peppers are Greek and Italian peppers that belong to the chili pepper family and are crisp and sweet, with a mild chili taste.

Like its cousins the bell pepper and jalapeno pepper, they are mostly put in a Greek salad, Italian tomato sauces, and all types of pasta dishes.

You can find a pickled version of pepperoncini peppers(they are sometimes mixed with bell peppers) that is so tasty when put on a burger or slow cooker roast beef.

The fresh pepperoncini peppers are a little bit harder to find, but I’m sure you can find this mild pepper in most of the farmer’s markets.

Pepperoncini Peppers Recipes

  • Greek Salad- Put some fresh pepperoncini peppers the next time you’re in a mood for a tasty Greek salad.
  • Pulled Pork- To give your pulled pork a sweet taste, garnish it with a couple of pieces of pickled pepperoncini.
  • Pizza- Also a great garnish when it comes to pizza. You can either put fresh pepperoncini or pickled ones.
  • Stuffed Pepperoncini- I love stuffed pepperoncini the simple way only with some cream cheese, salt, and pepper.
  • Cheese Sandwiches- Put some pickled pepperoncini on your favorite cheese sandwich for a sweeter and sour taste.
  • Cheese Plate- As a garnish, you can cut up some fresh pepperoncini on your cheese or charcuterie plate.

Related Questions And Other FAQs

What Are Good Substitutes For Pepperoncini Peppers

Banana peppers, cayenne peppers, and cherry peppers are the best substitutes for pepperoncini. Another good pepperoncini substitute is jalapeno peppers.

Is Pepperoncini The Same As Red Pepper Flakes

No. Red pepper flakes come from a variety of dried and crushed peppers and have a smoky flavor.

What Do Pepperoncini Taste Like

Pepperoncini are mild chili peppers with a sweet flavor and a tangy taste. You may notice some mild heat but all in all the pepper is considered to be low on the heat scale. They usually go well in mild dishes and sauces, but you can put them in any variety of recipes.

Are Pepperoncini Peppers Hotter Than Jalapeno

No. Jalapeno peppers are significantly hotter than pepperoncini, with a more intense flavor.