Type Of Electric Ice Cream Maker


If you are looking at an electric ice cream maker for yourself, your family or even as a present for friends then be assured that they are an excellent addition to any home.

Homemade ice cream is one of the guilty pleasures that you are allowed. It is not only better for you than most of the commercial brands out there, but if you plan well, it can also be much cheaper to make your own. So how do you decide which electric ice cream maker is right for you? Well the first things you must take into consideration is whether you want it to be

  • Completely Automatic
  • Hand Crank

2 Types of Electric Ice Cream Makers

Automatic Electric Ice Cream Makers

If you go completely automatic, you are probably looking at spending a little bit more, but you literally just throw in your mixture and away you go. You do nothing else and hey presto maybe an hour later you get great ice cream. If you are not making your own homemade ice cream for the physical pleasure and involvement then go for one of the fully automatic electric ice cream makers.

Hand Crank

A hand crank ice cream maker involves more input from you (or your kids) as you do have to do all the churning yourself. It is a more romantic way of making ice cream, but if standing over a tub churning is not your idea of romance then this is probably not the one for you.

The next decision is whether you want a machine that freezes the bowl for you, or you don’t mind freezing the bowl in advance in your own freezer. Again if you are just looking for convenience then having your ice cream maker do the whole job from start to finish is the way to go. But you may be able to keep your cost down by going the ‘freeze your own bowl’ route.

How Much Does An Electric Ice Cream Maker Cost?

Medium electric ice cream maker you can get electric ice cream makers for as little as a few dollars, but you can also spend up to several hundred if you are so inclined. The good thing is you don’t have to go that expensive to get a good electric ice cream maker or a solid frozen yogurt machine. Remember that an ice cream maker should last for many years if you look after it carefully, cleaning it properly after each use and storing it in a safe environment. Take this into consideration when deciding on your budget as some of the less expensive ones are not designed to last, they are just made for some good quick fun and you will need to factor in the cost of replacing them further down the line.

If you are serious about making ice cream then try to stretch your budget to one of the better known more serious brands such as Cuisinart, Rival or White Mountain to name just a few. These machines will make ice cream like the professionals, and few people will be able to tell the difference between your homemade ice cream and the top end commercial ice creams that you pay lots for.

Where Will You Put Your Electric Ice Cream Maker?

Think about what space you have for your new machine. i.e. where are you going to put it and more importantly where are you going to store it when it is not in use. This is important as some of the electric ice cream makers are very big and cumbersome, and too awkward to get out on a regular basis or to have sitting on your countertop full time. So measure up before you get your wallet out.

Finally, you need to think of how much you will use your electric ice cream maker. Is it just going to be used for special occasions and dinner parties? Or do you plan to make it a regular part of your diet? Some ice cream makers take much longer to produce the end product than others, and some involve more work and involvement from you. This is ok if you are not going to be a regular user, but if you plan on regular use, then it can be a cumbersome and lengthy process if you chose one of the more manual types. So decide on this before you start shopping. Using an electric ice cream maker to make your ice cream is very simple, and is perhaps one of the most rewarding eating experiences.

Some Tips for Using Ice Cream Maker

It is wonderful to produce your own homemade ice cream for dinner parties. You can tailor it to exactly how you want it, taking into account any allergies or dislikes that your guests may have. Not only that, you can make it as delicious and fattening or as healthy and low fat as you want. Whynter SNO Ice Cream Maker Like with all electric machines that you buy, if it comes with a guarantee (always recommended), then you should register this straight away (if that is what is required), just after you open the box and before you even use it. The reasons for this are obvious.

And always check that all the parts that come with your ice cream machine are in the box and all in good condition. Don’t wait until you need to use a particular part to discover that it never came (6 months down the line). Here at Electric Ice Cream Makers – we are all ice cream lovers (no surprise there). Every day our team looks through all the suppliers and their offerings, looking for the best discounts to bring here to our site. For us here, it is also about knowing what you are putting into your ice cream, you can make it as healthy or a sinful if you want. Please enjoy our site, but also we wish you endless hours of fun making Ice Cream.

An interesting fact to impress your friends with: Ice cream headache or more commonly called brain freeze is quite simple really. When your mouth is very warm, like on a warm day, and you put something really cold into it, hitting the roof of your mouth, all the blood vessels in the area try to overcompensate to heat the area up again. So this is what causes the pain. It doesn’t usually last very long, not more than 20 seconds but more like 5-10. And whether you buy your ice cream or use an electric ice cream maker to produce it, you are still liable to get an ice cream headache.

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