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13 Best Yukon Gold Potatoes Substitute No One Shared With You

Potatoes have been among the greatest things humans have ever cultivated, that also means that there are so many variations of potatoes. One of these is the Yukon gold potato, which is one of the great, if not, the best potato there is. 

Yukon Gold potatoes are fantastic for almost any type of dish—whether it be fried, steamed, cooked, or baked.

Yukon gold potatoes may be inaccessible to some depending on their area. But no worries—there are many substitutes you can use to replace Yukon gold potatoes. These include the following:

  1. Russet potatoes
  2. Idaho potatoes
  3. Red Bliss potatoes
  4. Carola potatoes
  5. Fingerling potatoes
  6. Inca Gold potatoes
  7. Vivaldi Potatoes

Potatoes are a good source of vitamins and minerals, particularly potassium and vitamin C.

The levels of some vitamins and minerals drop during cooking, but this reduction can be minimized by baking or boiling them with the skin on. [Source]

What are Yukon gold potatoes?

Yukon gold potatoes are large variations of potato that are made distinct by their smooth and eye-free skin and their yellow-tinged flesh.

Potatoes like Yukon Gold and other yellow potatoes have low to medium starch content, making them suitable for roasted, mashed, baked dishes, and soups. 

13 Best Substitute for Yukon gold potatoes

Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes

Russet potatoes are a great alternative to Yukon gold potatoes for many reasons. It can be used for a variety of recipes; the possibilities are endless. 

These are great for French fries, baked potatoes, and even a tasty side dish of mashed potatoes if you fancy. In addition to this, Russet potatoes are a great source of minerals and nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and zinc. 

Russet potatoes are bigger in size and easier to get than Yukon gold, as Russet potatoes can be found in almost all supermarkets all over the world.

Idaho potatoes

Idaho potatoes are fat and cholesterol-free, and they are a good source of Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. Idaho potatoes are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that help you kick-start your day.

Idaho potatoes are a great substitute for Yukon gold in terms of fried and baked recipes. The only downside is they aren’t as suitable in potato salads, gratins, and any similar dishes. 

Many people believe that Russet and Idaho potatoes are the same, but that’s not actually true. Their main difference is that Russet is a better choice for baking, and Idaho potatoes are grown only in the state of Idaho, while Russet grows anywhere with land conditions similar to that of Idaho. 

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Red Bliss Potatoes


Are you looking for a potato that’s great for soups, stews, salads, boiling, casseroles, or hash? Red bliss potatoes also known as red potatoes are a perfect substitute for Yukon gold when it comes to recipes like Spicy Potatoes with Garlic Aioli or Bacon-Potato Corn Chowder. 

Not only this, but Red bliss potatoes are healthy for you. They are great antioxidants, and they help lower stress levels and help maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

Red bliss potatoes are a great choice for healthy and delicious meals. They are also easy to find, as they are common stock in supermarkets. 

Carola potatoes

Carola potatoes are by far the closest substitutes for Yukon gold as they both have yellow skin with a firm and creamy texture with yellow flesh. Just like Yukon gold, Carola potatoes offer a classic potato flavor with a hint of earthy and buttery taste.

Although they don’t work well with soups, they are very well suited for grilled, roasted, fried dishes, and recipes like potato salads, casseroles, hash, and gratins.

Carola potatoes are high in vitamin C and also contain fiber, potassium, iron, and other nutrient and minerals that are great for your health.

Carola potatoes are mostly found in potato stores, produce shops, and various farms that grow Carola potatoes.

Fingerling potatoes

Fingerling potatoes

Fingerling potatoes are considered a unique variety of potatoes as they are undersized unlike other potatoes, and their shape is uncommon as well. Their colors are similar to Yukon gold, both the skin and the flesh are yellowish.

What makes them a great substitute for Yukon Gold is all because of their rich and smooth texture, giving them a sweet tang that is simply irresistible.

Apart from that, they are an excellent source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C that has immune boosting components and plays an important role in the maintenance of the brain.

Inca Gold potatoes

Another relatively close alternative to Yukon gold is Inca Gold potatoes. They both have the same characteristics, such as their usual yellow flesh that brings a buttery and earthy tang. 

Unlike Yukon Gold that usually comes in small and large sizes, Inca Gold is usually not too big in size. They often come in small, round-ish shapes. 

Inca Gold is perfect for boiling, and roasting, potato salads, hash, and casseroles. However, they are not really recommended for soups and stews.

Vivaldi Potatoes

Vivaldi potatoes

Vivaldi potatoes are grown in the Netherlands and distributed to the United Kingdom. Yukon Gold and Vivaldi potatoes are similar as Vivaldi has a pale yellow with a firm, smooth and gentle texture. 

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These are very suitable for boiled potatoes and mashed recipes, considering their characteristics. They have a mildly sweet flavor and complements Mediterranean photo recipes and fish or chicken recipes. [Source]

There are so many recipes you can try out with Vivaldi potatoes. The must-try ones are Potato & Chickpea Masala Curry, Quick and Easy Dauphinoise Potato, Jamaican Jerk Haddock, Prawn and Potato Cakes, and Potato and Mushroom Omelette.

Katahdin potatoes

Katahdin and Yukon gold are almost identical in their characteristics. On the outside, Katahdin and Yukon gold look almost the same—the flesh also looks exactly the same, distinguished by a relatively similar yellow color.

In terms of taste, both are pretty similar, but not very alike, making Katahdin a great substitute for Yukon gold potatoes. 

Katahdin potatoes are the best for making French fries; nothing tastes better than homemade and fresh fries. They are also great for recipes that involve or require baking or boiling the potato—see for yourself, and the taste will be heavenly.

Maris Piper potatoes

Maris Piper potatoes

Maris Piper potatoes are a common British variety of potatoes and work well as a substitute for Yukon Gold for those who can’t find them in the United Kingdom.

Their properties are quite alike, the color of the flesh is what differentiates Maris Piper from Yukon Gold, instead of having yellowish colors, and Maris Pipers are white.

They are creamy and fluffy in texture, and in addition, quite starchy. Maris Pipers are considered one of the all-around potatoes there is, as they are best suited for cooking applications such as chips or roasted recipes, and are also suitable for mash and wedges.

Golden Wonder potatoes

Though Golden Wonder and Yukon Gold are not alike, Golden wonder potatoes are perfect for boiling, mashing, and roasting. They have a creamy, fluffy texture and a slightly sweet flavor that makes them suitable for almost all types of dishes. 

It is very dry and floury but needs to be paid attention to when boiled, as the potato will disintegrate in the boiling water if it is left for too long. Golden Wonder potatoes are great antioxidants, and are also good sources of Vitamin B6, and minerals like copper and magnesium.

A recipe you can try with Golden Wonder potatoes is Golden Roast potatoes, perfect for family gatherings. 

Dutch Cream potatoes

Dutch Cream potatoes

Dutch Cream potatoes are known as the queen of potatoes. They are a fluffy, waxy, and creamy varieties of potatoes. They are similar to Yukon Gold potatoes as they both have yellow flesh, and a note of a rich, buttery tang to any recipe they are in.

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One thing to note for is that their skin is thin, and they don’t tend to keep their shape too well, which makes them difficult to cook in soup or stews. Despite this, they make excellent mash, or are delicious when boiled, roasted, baked, or even pureed.

Dutch cream potatoes are a good source of antioxidants, which is all the yellow coloring’s doing. They also contain Vitamins C and B6, fiber, potassium, thiamine, niacin, manganese, and copper. [Source]

Golden Delight potatoes

Golden Delight potatoes are an all-around, oval potatoes with smooth, and firm yellow skin with a creamy flesh.

These potatoes are low in sugar and moisture, making them well suited for roasted, mashed, baked, boiled, or fried recipes.

Aside from this, Golden Delight potatoes are great sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, a good sources of potassium, copper, manganese, niacin, dietary fiber, phosphorus, and pantothenic acid.

King Edward potatoes

King Edward is distinctive from other yellow potatoes because of its creamy yellow colored skin with light red blushes. Similar to Yukon Gold, King Edward has a light cream colored flesh, and has a fluffy texture when cooked.

Not only is King Edward unique, it is also used in a wide variety of recipes—King Edward potatoes are great for roasting, mashed potatoes or baked, and is also suitable for chipping, sautéing, and steaming. Another characteristic that makes King Edward unique is that it glimmers when roasted.

Some recipes you should try with King Edward are Dhal Vada, Jo Pratt’s Champ Cakes with Poached Egg & Bacon, Spiralised Potato Wrapped Cod with Herbs, and Soufflé Jackets.

King Edward potatoes are also nutritious. They are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, and are good sources of potassium, folates, and some fibers. [Source]

Yukon Gold Potatoes Substitute Related FAQs

Can I use red potatoes as a substitute for Yukon Gold?

Yes, red potatoes can also be a great alternative to Yukon Gold due to their signature mild, buttery tang. Red potatoes can be used to replace Yukon Gold in stews, soups, or baked, roasted, scalloped, and mashed recipes.

Is Yukon Gold potato a waxy potato?

Yukon Gold is a white potato, characterized by its medium-sized, round potato shape that has a thin and soft, creamy yellow skin.

Distinguished for its tender yellow flesh with a taste of butter, it’s bright, slightly sweet, and vegetal with a slightly waxy, smooth texture and moist flesh.

It is suitable for boiled and baked recipes, and for making homemade French fries. In addition to this, it is also compatible with grilling, pan-frying, and roasting.