About Us

Hello Everyone,

I am so glad that we are meeting on my baking & cooking blog. I am Jessica Blythe, and I am married with two beautiful children. I passionately enjoy baking/cooking, while it is normally my responsibility to cook for my family, I also enjoy baking as my favorite hobby.

I like meeting other people who take cooking as their hobby so that together we can learn about the new cooking methods, techniques and strategies.

I started cooking way back when I was a young girl. My mom told me that I have always been passionate about cooking from when I was around 6 years old. That’s a long way back considering that I am now 32 years old.

I started taking cooking as my hobby back in the year 2005. When I started getting serious with my cooking hobby, I wasn’t sure I would take cooking seriously the way I am right now. I come from New Orleans, and one day I accompanied my mum to her friend’s birthday party.

I never left my mum’s side during the whole party, and when she was invited to cook some of the food at the party, the manner in which she effortlessly did her cooking convinced me to continue with my cooking dream hobby.

Back then, there were few cooking blogs, and I had to get the contacts of all the chefs I could come across. Even though I loved cooking, I still lacked that professional touch in cooking. I knew that I had to improve my cooking skills and master everything before I could help other cooking enthusiasts. Can you imagine that is exactly what I did!

If you need anything to do with cooking, then this blog is your perfect home away from home. I will be updating everything about cooking that you might be desperate to know about. I will also be sharing my experience, knowledge and research results with everyone who will be willing to read the content on this site.

In case you need any clarification on anything to do with baking, I will always be here for all of you. I am just an email away, tell me about anything not covered in my blog that you think can help many people enjoy their cooking hobby.

Baking is a passion for a lot of people. And who doesn’t like a good pastry? But everytime you think of baking, you have to go look for the right product and the right amount; and then imagine hauling all those bakery & pastry products back home. Most of your time and energy is spent and then there’s barely any left to start baking.

Useful Quick Bread Recipes Ideas

Buttercreambakeshop is an website for baking lover. Here we provide tips and product review about kitchen tools especially baking. A great alternative to making homemade loaf the old fashioned way. Sure you can use a bread maker that will do the work for you, but then you would be missing out on all of the fun of making the treats yourself. Most loaf recipes are incredibly easy to follow and the baked goods will delight your taste buds, as well as those of your friends. They will be amazed at how great a cook you have become and will be begging for all the recipes.

A great website to check out for delicious quick bread recipes is “https://buttercreambakeshop.net“. There we have pancake recipes, sweet bread recipes, banana bread recipes and a whole lot more to tickle your taste buds. They are all super easy to prepare and you can enjoy them in under an hour.

Just imagine some sweet banana loaf with a gooey cream cheese frosting just waiting for you when you get home from a long, stressful day at work. It is an ultimate comfort food and is well worth the little bit of time it will take to make and bake.

Let us cook and bake together now, and make everyone smile even when they are asleep!

Have fun as you cook your favorite meals anywhere!