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5 Best Crepe Pan And Buying Guide In 2021

Assuming that you are new in the “baking” world, let me start by first explaining what a crepe is. A crepe is a very thin and flimsy variety of batter that is made using wheat flour. Its ethnic origin is majorly from France. A crepe batter is usually made of flour, eggs, salt, milk and sugar. It is made from a small amount of batter for its signature thin layer.

If you are rushing for time, our top recommendation for the best crepe pan is the Cuisinart Crepe pan. Read further for our detailed product description.

It is then spread evenly across the best crepe pan by tilting the pan or using a spatula. When it is ready, it can be served as a dessert or a meal. When served as a dessert, its common fillings include fresh fruits, syrups, jams, nuts and ice cream. You can use cheese, mushroom, eggs or ham to fill a crepe meal.

After some research from our own kitchen cooking and other users feedback, we have come out with the best crepe pan list in the market.

Best Overall

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan

Cuisinart 623-24 Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Inch Crepe Pan,Black


  • 10-inch crepe pan.
  • Titanium reinforced.
  • Stainless steel handles.
  • Heat resistant limit is 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tapered rims.

This is yet another excellent crepe pan. The Cuisinart crepe pan is 10 inches wide making it good for baking crepes of all types. This popular crepe has a hard-anodized exterior that is dense, nonporous and wear-resistant for longer use. This extra durability also makes it good for professional and commercial use.

What makes it unique is the inner surface which is coated with a titanium coat. This provides healthy nonfat cooking options and clean up. On the ergonomic side, the pan is attached to stainless steel handles that are riveted so that they can stay cool. They are also grip enhanced to ensure that you can flip while using it.

Another feature that will make you love it is its tapered rims which eliminate drips when pouring oil out of it. If you will need to use it in the oven, the oven will work well for you. It is 500 degrees Fahrenheit oven safe.

A limitation that you will have to bear with is that it is not induction ready. What about its weight? It is as light as 1 pound.


  • The anodized exterior surface which is dense, nonporous and wear-resistant makes it durable.
  • It has a quantum interior that is coated with titanium for a nonstick baking process.
  • Stainless steel grip enhanced and riveted handles.
  • Tapered rims for a non-drip pouring.
  • It has a high heat resistant of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • After some time of usage, the bottom warps.

Best Budget

Norpro 9.5″ Nonstick Breakfast Pancake Crepe Omelet Tortilla Kitchen Pan – 700


This is another best crepe pan that should make its way into your kitchen. Measuring 9.5 inches in diameter, this crepe pan is great for making crepes, grilled cheese, omelets, pancakes, sandwiches among more. In other words, it is a multipurpose pan.

To help you remove and flip your delicate crepes, the pan is fitted with sloppy sides. It is also attached to a firm and cool handle. It is also fairly large cooking area of 8 inches in diameter. This will make sure that you have more space to cook your crepes or any other delicacy you would like to prepare.

Weighing about 1.1 pounds, this crepe pan is very light and easy to carry when flipping your crepe. Its nonstick surface is also one of the best features of this pan. You can use your wooden or nonstick utensils on it as well. It is stainless steel made meaning it is great for heat distribution making it great for crepes.

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  • Stainless steel made.
  • 9.5 inches wide.
  • 8 inches cooking surface.
  • 6-Inch handle.
  • Hand wash recommended.


  • Has an averagely large cooking area of 8 inches in diameter.
  • It has sloppy sides for an ease crepe serving or flipping.
  • Has a long and stay cool handle.
  • Nonstick cooking surface for easy cleaning and release.
  • Uses wooden or nonstick utensils.


  • The handles are loose.

Best Crepe Pan For Gas Stove

Mauviel M’steel Crepe Pan, 9.5-Inch

Mauviel Made In France M'steel Black Steel Crepe Pan, 9.5-Inch


  • Carbon steel/black steel.
  • Commercial grade.
  • 9.5 inches diameter.
  • Made in France.

This is one of the best pans you can ever buy. Made in France from which crepes originated, this pan will be your best bet to go for. It is made of thick black steel that has riveted steel handles. Steel is known to be among the best conductors of heat, a factor that will clear your mind of any worry of uncooked crepes.

This material is also good in heat resistance meaning that you can preheat and sear it at high temperatures. You will first be however required to remove the bee wax on it before your first use. This bee wax is great in protecting the pan against rust. You can then season it for a nonstick surface using oil.

The pan is made in such a way that it will darken with use leaving a good non-stick surface. It is also made to be used on all cooking surfaces be it on your gas, electric, halogen, induction, stovetops or the oven.

It is also good for BBQ. This pan weighs about 2 pounds which makes it great for cooking and convenience when using around the kitchen. It also measures 9.5 inches in diameter which means that you are assured to get better and larger but thin crepes out of it.


  • Made of thick black steel which makes it durable and excellent in heat conduction.
  • Has high performance from high heat resistance.
  • Excellent for searing.
  • Can also be used for BBQ.
  • With correct seasoning, it offers a great non-stick surface.
  • All cooking surfaces compatible.


  • The bee wax is hard to get off the first time of use.

Cook N Home 02434 26cm Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pan, Griddle, 10.25″, Black

Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Nonstick Heavy Gauge Crepe Pancake Pan Griddle, 26cm, Black


  • Aluminum made.
  • 10.25 inches in diameter.
  • 2 coating system surfaces.
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds.

Cook N home has made this incredible pan. This pan is 10.25 inches in diameter which allows you to make larger crepes. To make things a little good for you, they have it from heavy-duty aluminum. Aluminum is known to be one of the best conductors of heat. As the perfect conductor of heat, it is good for even heat distribution which in the end minimizes hot spots.

When making crepes, a nonstick surface is one of the things that you have to thoroughly consider. With a Cook n Home creep pan though, you are assured of such a surface. It is made with a durable double coating system.

Another thing to carefully give more consideration is the handles. They have given you access to this soft touch feeling handles that will stay cool even at high temperatures. You will need no special cooking top. It is compatible with all these surfaces.

You can use it over your gas, hot plate, electric, ceramic or halogen cooking tops. However, you will have limited use on induction cooktops. It weighs close to 1.5 pounds leaving it lighter and convenient to use. It is also dishwasher safe.

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  • Offers easy to release and clean nonstick surfaces that are double-coated.
  • Has soft touch feeling handles.
  • Compatible with almost all cooking tops except induction cooking tops.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Made of aluminum which offers even heat distribution and eliminates hot spots.


  • Has angled edges which are better for Indian crepes.

Nordic Ware 03460 Traditional French Steel Crepe Pan, 10-Inch


  • Aluminized.
  • Stainless steel handles.
  • 10-inch diameter.
  • 1.8 pounds

This crepe pan has been made specifically to allow you make your best crepe. It is 10 inches in diameter and releases the crepe when ready with no worries.

If you are on a hunt for making a finger-licking crepe, then this one will be the best for you. This pan is aluminized so that there is an even distribution of heat which allows you to cook a thin layer of batter.

It also allows crepes to form and unify. An important part of every crepe chef is the final time when serving your crepe out of the pan. When it comes to this part, it has curved edges which allow a smooth glide of the crepe from the pan into the plate. The nonstick properties boost this ability as well.

Well, what about the days you are not in the mood of making any crepe? With this pan, you can make omelets, hash browns and pancakes. While doing all this cooking, you can exercise your chef techniques with the help of stainless steel handles. To make things interesting, it is averagely light by weighing only 1.8 pounds.


  • Has large cooking area than most of the traditional crepe cooking pans.
  • Aluminized construction offers effective heat conduction for cooking thin layered batter.
  • You can hand wash with mild detergent.
  • It has a high-performance interior surface.


  • It eats up so fast.

Why Use The Best Crepe Pan?

There are some pieces of equipment one can use to make crepes.They include a crepe maker, normal pans, and crepe pans. They can all be used to make a sweet tasty crepe, but they have their different degrees of effectiveness.

A crepe pan will surpass them all because of the following reasons:

  • Crepe pans are more of flexible than crepe makers. You can use them in making other desserts.
  • Crepe pans are cheaper than crepe makers.
  • Crepe pans are light and portable. You can have them wherever you go. For trips or camping.
  • Crepes have defined sides and size which makes them good for beginners.
  • They give room for more fun, ease of use and application of more techniques. One can flip and tilt

The Secrets Of Making The Best Crepe

The Secrets Of Making The Best Crepe

Now that you are on the road to finding your best crepe pan, you will need some few tips that will enable you to cook the best crepes. Here are some few tips to master for a better crepe:

1. Flipping Skills

Mastering the art of flipping will be vital to making the best crepe. You can use the pan or spatula to flip your crepe. It is always good to wait for the upper part to dry before flipping. A little patience will pay along the way. An early flip will tear the crepe apart.

2. Preparing The Batter Well

The secret of cooking the best crepe lies with the batter. You will need to whip the batter up using your hand or a blender. Let it rest for an hour or so. You can also leave it overnight in a cool and dry place. The batter will get more viscous and give an even spread when cooking time kicks off.

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3. Getting The Best Pan

Looking for the best crepe pan also matters a lot. Your crepe pan should not be sticky. They should be specifically made for crepes and nothing else. The sides of the pan should allow flipping and easy release.

4. Moderating The Heat

Moderately heating your pan is the best way to go. Too much heat will lead to burnt crepes. Low heat will also lead to sticky crepes.

Best Size For Crepe Pan And Buying Guide

1. Material Used In Making The Pan

Most crepe pans are made of cast iron or steel. There has been a trend of increase in pans of other materials other than these; a perfect example is anodized aluminum. Cast iron, however, remains the best of them all.

Cast iron pans are known for being nonstick and perfect in heat distribution. This means that they won’t have hot spots. They will also retain heat for a long time since they take time to get heated as well. On the flip side, they are heavy, and this makes them hard to use.

Carbon steel and cast iron have almost the same qualities as they are composed of iron and carbon. Aluminized crepe pans, on the other hand, are lightweight, scratch-resistant and nonstick.

They are also affordable and are good for making delicious crepes. The downside is that they easily warp due to the ductile nature of aluminum.

2. Diameter Of The Pan

The inner diameter matters a lot. You will need to make a moderately-sized crepe that will carry all your fillings, and you can fold over them. A recommended diameter should be 10 inches. Depending on the size of crepe you are intending to make, you should carefully consider its diameter before making any purchase.

3. Handles Of The Pan

The handle will enable you to flip, remove and even tilt the pan. It should be long and insulated. A longer handle will give you more flexibility while a shorter handle will limit the degree of freedom to use the pan. The handle should also be grip enhanced. This will give enough control and reduce slip.

4. Weight Of The Pan

Weight determines comfort when cooking. A heavy pan will strain your hand muscles, and it may end up affecting your cooking session. It will also lead to fewer flip-ups which may affect the quality of the crepes. A moderately-light pan will, therefore, be a good one to go for.

Wrap Up

Those are our five best crepes pans in no particular order. As you have gone through the review, they all have amazing qualities. As per our tradition, however, we will have to name the best of them all. Looking at the material, diameter, and handles, we took Cuisinart Crepe pan as our best.

It is 10 inches wide and has an anodized exterior that is dense, nonporous and wear-resistant for resilient use. These two features make this pan best for commercial use. The inner surfaces are coated with titanium meaning you won’t need to season it for the-stick cook.

Another feature that most of the pans lacked is the tapered rims. These tapered rims are good for eliminating drips when pouring oil from the pan. It also has a high heat resistance limit of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Last but not least, it is light weighing about just 1 pound.

We believe just like the other vast majorities who have used this pan that you are going to enjoy using it. That is why we have it as our number one recommendation.