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9 Best Substitute For Muscovado Sugar In Baking

When you’re trying to bake some of your favorite desserts, you need to know what type of sugar would be the right choice.

Muscovado is the right type of sugar with a toffee-like flavor for every occasion, from ice cream to a delicious cake, plus it’s so much healthier than any other sugar.

Muscovado sugar is one of the least refined sugars on the market and it’s much healthier than regular granulated sugar, it contains antioxidants which are good for heart diseases.

Sadly this brown unrefined sugar(or raw sugar) is not easy to find on the market but don’t worry, we have just the right substitutes for muscovado sugar for your baking recipes.

Substitutes for muscovado sugar are

  1. Brown sugar
  2. Demerara
  3. Granulated sugar
  4. Turbinado sugar
  5. Jaggery
  6. Molasses sugar
  7. Stevia
  8. White sugar
  9. Light brown sugar

To find out more about these alternatives, keep on reading the article down below.

Substitutes For Muscovado Sugar

Brown Sugar

The most common substitute for Muscovado sugar is brown sugar, of course. They are very similar to each other. They are both brown in color, and in taste is very similar, except the muscovado sugar has a slightly acidic taste.

Brown sugar is very popular in the culinary world. You can use it as a regular sugar substitute for chocolate cakes, sauces, bread, savory dishes, beverages, and even some alcoholic cocktail recipes like Mojito. Brown sugar gives a caramel flavor to everything you put it to.

Demerara Sugar

Demerara sugar is a large-grained sugar that produces a crunchy texture when it’s used in baking. It is a slightly stickier variety of light brown sugar.

This crunchy, less refined sugar originates from Guyana in South America and it’s produced from sugarcane which is a tall perennial grass used for the production of many types of sugar.

Demerara sugar is pretty versatile. You can put it in everything that requires some sweetening or a crunchy finish like fried brown rice, barbeque sauces, stir-fry, and others…

Granulated Sugar With Molasses Content

Granulated sugar doesn’t need to be explained. It’s pretty simple, it’s white sugar that’s used for everything, from sweet to savory recipes.

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Molasses or black treacle is a thick, dark syrup made during the sugar-making process. When the sugar cane(or sugar beet) is crushed, there is a juice-like substance that’s being extracted from the solids, that’s what you call natural molasses.

This syrup is used to sweeten and flavor many foods, especially in the United States. Even though you probably haven’t heard of it, molasses’s deep flavor is present in almost every candy or caramelized product you ever tasted.

You can also find molasses in types of syrup like corn syrup, maple syrup, and agave syrup. If you want to substitute your muscovado sugar, simply just use a cup of granulated sugar with a tablespoon of molasses.

Turbinado Sugar

This is unprocessed cane sugar that is light to medium brown in color with large crystals. This sugar is mostly found in your local coffee shops.

Turbinado sugar tends to melt so easily and therefore is used in many recipes that require a caramelized taste.


This is a tan, unrefined sugar that is being sold in solid cones or patty cakes. It is prepared from the sap of sugarcane or palm trees and is mostly found in India.

It has an earthy, sweet flavor that differs from other sugars. Jaggery sugar is a great substitute for muscovado because of its color and crumbled nature.

Jaggery sugar is one of the most healthy alternatives for any kind of sugar.

Molasses Sugar

Molasses sugar is by far the darkest(almost black) brown sugar there is because of the molasses’ dark natural color.

Molasses sugar may have a slightly bitter taste and a strong molasses flavor but that’s what makes it different than all the other sugars out there. Molasses is a moist sugar with big granules.

White Sugar

White sugar is really a simply granulated sugar that you most definitely have in your pantries. It is usually made from sugar canes or sugar beets.

The use of white sugar is quite simple, it is used as a sweetener for anything you need, and even though the taste is a bit different from muscovado sugar, it is the most common sugar to have at home and it’s the easiest one to find at the stores.

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Stevia is a sugar substitute made from the stevia plant and it’s actually sweeter than white sugar. Stevia products that are found in grocery stores do not contain whole stevia leaves. They are made from highly processed stevia leaf extracts which let’s face it, it’s not nearly the same thing.

Stevia is used mostly for dietary purposes or by people who suffer from diabetes. You can also make a sweet tea from the stevia leaves but I feel the need to say that the sugary taste might not be for everybody’s taste buds.

Light Brown Sugar

Light brown sugar is the lighter version of brown sugar and it is one of the most common sweeteners in the world. It’s made by mixing white refined sugar and a small amount of molasses syrup. It has a sweet, caramel-y flavor and a moist texture.

Related Questions And Other FAQ’s

Can I Substitute Soft Brown Sugar For Muscovado Sugar

Yes, you can. Brown sugar, no matter if soft or granulated is one of the most similar sugars to muscovado.

Is Muscovado The Same As Soft Brown Sugar

While very similar, they are not the same. Muscovado and brown sugar have the same color but they differ in taste. Muscovado sugar has a little bit of an acidic taste due to the lemon that’s put in it.

What Can I Substitute For Muscovado Sugar

Great substitutes for muscovado sugar are brown sugar(light or dark), white granulated sugar, granulated sugar with molasses syrup, jaggery, demerara, turbinado, stevia, and molasses sugar.

Which Is Healthier, Muscovado Sugar Or Coconut Sugar

Organic coconut sugar is a healthier variant and it can help lowering blood sugar. If you have a nut allergy, please consult with a doctor before consuming it.

Is Coconut Sugar Better For You

Coconut sugar is a healthy alternative for most sugars because it’s not processed and therefore it still has some of its minerals and nutrients in it. Remember, although it’s healthier it’s still sugar and it’s pretty unhealthy when it’s consumed in large doses.

Is Muscovado Sugar Better Than White Sugar

Yes, muscovado is a better alternative to white sugar because it contains minerals and antioxidant properties.