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9 Tastiest Substitute For Mizithra Cheese You Never Heard Of!

Mizithra cheese is a Greek whey cheese usually made with sheep’s milk and can either be fresh or matured. The fresh variant resembles cream cheese, it is soft, sweet, and perfect for making delicious desserts like Greek cheesecake.

The matured version is more on the hard side with a crumbly texture and nutty flavor. Since Mizithra is a very rare type of cheese, here are few alternatives to it.

Substitutes for Mizithra cheese are

  1. Mascarpone
  2. Manouri
  3. Feta cheese
  4. Cotija
  5. Ricotta 
  6. Parmesan
  7. Pecorino Romano
  8. Kefalotyri
  9. Nutritional yeast

If you want to find out more about these alternatives then keep on reading till the end.

Mizithra Cheese Substitutes


Mascarpone is a soft, sweet, Italian cheese that has a creamy and spreadable texture. Mascarpone is mainly used for making baked desserts, so it can be a good substitute for your fresh version of Mizithra cheese.

Mascarpone cheese can be a very good thickening agent in sauces, gravies, soups, and stews. If you want to make your savory dishes creamier and with a silkier texture, you can add a little bit of this Italian cheese.


Manouri is a Greek cheese that is basically Feta cheese but it’s made from sheep’s or goat’s milk. The production of Manouri cheese is very similar to Mizithra, except Manouri has a higher fat content due to the containment of heavy cream.

The flavor of Manouri is best to compare to fresh yogurt but without the heavy acidity of it. It is a slightly sour milk cheese with a silky texture, and a fresh taste like its cousin, Feta cheese.

Feta Cheese

Feta is another cheese that is native to Greece. It is a crumbly, white, milky, and salty cheese that goes best in salads or on cheese boards, along with some other types of cheese and fruits.

Another great way to prepare your Feta is to just pour some Greek olive oil all over it and top it off with some dried oregano. Its soft texture allows the olive oil to spread all over it, which makes it taste even better.

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Feta is a popular substitute for Mizithra cheese and fortunately, you can find it in most of your local grocery stores and at a moderate price. This cheese comes cut in block form and usually has salty water in its box(that is how you keep the Feta from drying).


Cotija is a hard Mexican cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a crumbly texture and salty flavor. Cotija cheese is an excellent substitute for aged Mizithra because of its similar texture and taste.

You can grate this cheese over pasta, pizza, salads, or any baked dish that you want to add a little bit of saltiness too. Cotija cheese is also a good alternative to parmesan, although Cotija is a bit saltier.


This is a Greek salty cheese with a firm texture that resembles aged Mizithra. It has a pale yellow color and holes in it.

Kefalotyri cheese is mostly used for grating it over different dishes like grilled veggies, pizzas, pasta, and even meat or meat sauce.

Parmesan Cheese

Parmesan cheese needs no introduction, right? It is an Italian sturdy cheese with a nutty, salty, and sweet flavor. You can buy it in blocks or a bag, already grated and prepared for you. Parmesan is used for all kinds of food pasta, pizza, salads, and other pasta dishes.

When you’re too lazy to cook yourself something more complicated just grab a pot of water and put it to boil, add box spaghetti noodles(or your noodle of choice), and when they’re finished cooking, simply just put some unsalted butter on them. Top off your buttered noodles with a bunch of Parmesan cheese and a teaspoon of pepper.

Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata is an Italian aged cheese with a salty taste and a firm texture. It is aged for at least four months to get its dry texture and saltiness.

You may have probably heard about the soft version named Ricotta Cheese. The difference between these two is that Ricotta cheese is a fresh product that is ready to be consumed as soon as it’s made and the aged version like I said, needs to be left to dry for at least four months.

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Both of these versions can be great alternatives for the two versions of Mizithra.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is another excellent cheese for grating over your favorite dishes. It is an Italian aged cheese made from sheep’s milk, and even though it’s not easy to find, you can always check the specialty cheese aisle in the market.

Pecorino can easily substitute Parmesan or Mizithra cheese, although it’s a bit saltier and has a stronger taste because it’s made with sheep’s milk.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast(or food yeast) is a flaky or powdery substance that is mostly used as a dairy substitute for vegans and vegetarians. This is a low-fat product that’s high in protein and vitamins.

You can sprinkle some nutritional yeast over your dishes to mimic the taste of cheese. Even though it’s not the same thing it can still work pretty well.

Nutritional yeast can also be great for thickening sauces, soups, and vegetable stock.

Related Questions And Other FAQ’S

Can You Substitute Parmesan For Mizithra Cheese

Yes. Parmesan and aged Mizithra cheese are very similar in texture and taste, so they can easily be substituted for each other.

Does Mizithra Cheese Melt

Mizithra is a hard type of cheese so it wouldn’t be the best choice for melting. Instead, you can try some softer or semi-soft cheeses like Gouda or Edam cheese.

Is Mizithra Cheese Dairy-Free

Mizithra is a dairy product made from the unpasteurized milk of a sheep.

What Is Mizithra Cheese Used For

Fresh Mizithra cheese is often used for all kinds of desserts and baked goods, and as for aged Mizithra, it is used for grating it over savory dishes, salads, and pasta recipes.

Can Cheese Be Made From Whey

Yes, many kinds of cheese are in fact, made from whey. Whey is the remaining liquid from the milk after it has been curdled and strained.