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Types of Mixing Bowls To Complete Your Culinary Creations

From nesting sets to stainless finishes, you can quickly find mixing bowls from the most experienced name brands. No master chef can complete their culinary creations without durable steel mixing bowls!

Different Types of Mixing Bowl Sets

Non-Skid Steel Mixing Bowls

Non-skid steel mixing bowls are an excellent choice for the chef who cares about both functionality and appearance. With their rubber bottoms, these bowls do not shift or slide around on the countertop while you are mixing your ingredients.

A non-skid base can “grip” your counter-top as you work, making messy accidents a thing of the past. Consider buying your mixing bowls in a complete set that includes a variety of sizes to suit all of your cooking needs. The steel interior of these bowls looks new for years and easily outperforms any of your old plastic bowls.

1 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

Complete your set of cookware with 1 quart steel mixing bowls for the perfect size for smaller recipes. If you are looking to complete a set or simply need an extra mixing bowl, consider choosing non-skid steel bowls with a wider rim for a sure grip.

Opt for 1 quart mixing bowls made out of superior stainless steel with higher chromium and nickel content, indicated by numbers like 18/10 or 18/8. Resist corrosion and rust for years of everyday use when you have single-quart bowls constructed of higher quality materials.

2 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

When mixing ingredients for your next batch of cookies, try using 2 quart steel mixing bowls. This versatile size is ideal not only for mixing dough, eggs and salad dressing but also for whisking vinaigrette and other liquid-based concoctions.

Stainless bowls retain temperature – an important factor when preparing specific recipes. For the best mixing bowls and cooking supplies, opt for Oxo brand mixing bowls that are coated with a non-skid exterior. This premium feature not only prevents fingers from slipping, it also keeps them warm so your hands no longer freeze while mixing cold ingredients from the fridge.

3 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

3 quart steel mixing bowls are a great tool for every kitchen. This is an excellent size for mixing cake batter, cookies, salads and more.

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No set of mixing bowls is complete without a 3 quart bowl, making this size a great choice for a housewarming or wedding gift to help set up a new kitchen. Opt for nesting bowl sets that feature a 3 quart bowl with addtional bowl sizes. These convenient and space-saving bowls also have all of your kitchen needs covered.

4 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

4 quart steel mixing bowls are perfect for mixing smaller ingredients like eggs or dressings. Whisk together a few eggs while combining peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes for a wonderful breakfast omelet.

The slick surface of the mixing bowl keeps ingredients from collecting on the sides and makes pouring much easier. To complete your collection, purchase steel mixing bowl sets that contain 4 quart bowls and larger bowl sizes. The variety of mixing bowls gives you the freedom to mix whatever you want! Choose styles that include a non-skid bottom, handles or markings for worry-free cooking.

5 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

5 quart steel mixing bowls are a necessity in any kitchen. They are the perfect size for mixing brownie batter, cookie dough or even salads. Their size makes them a necessity when preparing dinner, but they are an even greater asset when fitted with a lid.

Steel mixing bowls with lids not only give you something to mix food in but provide a unit for storage for leftovers. You no longer need to use a separate container to store your food; the preparation bowl works for both, saving you unnecessary clutter in the cabinets.

6 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

6 quart steel mixing bowls are the perfect size for most standard recipes. This size easily accommodates a batch of cake batter or cookie dough; it can also pull double-duty as a preparation and serving bowl for tossed salads.

Pick up a set with sizes ranging from smaller 2 quart mixing bowls all the way up to jumbo bowl sizes suitable for feeding a crowd. Choose stainless steel for the convenience of dishwasher cleaning and the resilience of this superior material. 6 quart mixing bowls make a perfect gift and essential kitchen accessory for first-time cooks and experienced chefs alike.

8 Quart Steel Mixing Bowls

If you plan on mixing a large quantity of ingredients, 8-quart steel mixing bowls outperform other bowls. In addition to more traditional uses, these bowls are used for mixing and tossing salads from start to finish. Instead of using a separate container, just prepare and then serve directly from the mixing bowl.

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If you are worried about losing grip of the bowl as you toss your ingredients, invest in a set of Oxo steel mixing bowls. They are coated on the exterior with a non-slip grip that not only reduces slipping but also keeps your hand warm when dealing with colder liquid ingredients.

Steel Mixing Bowls With Lids

What better way to prepare and store your food than with steel mixing bowls with lids? These sets offer the convenience of mixing and tossing your ingredients, plus storing them in the refrigerator for later use just by snapping a lid over the top.

Instead of using several plastic containers in the fridge, simply place a lid over your mixing bowl and store it as is. Steel mixing bowl sets come in a variety of sizes, ensuring you of having the proper bowl for the job. If you get a set with lids, you never have to worry about spending more money for plastic containers again.

Nesting Steel Mixing Bowls

Nesting steel mixing bowls are useful kitchen accessories that store nicely with their compact design. Choose from styles that include non-skid bottoms, pour spouts, handles and lids. Ranging in sizes from 4 quarts to a whopping 30 quarts, nesting bowls save space in your cabinets and keep you organized. A high-quality set is great as a wedding shower gift or simply as an addition to your kitchen collection.

Enamel Steel Mixing Bowls

These enamel-coated steel bowls feature stainless rims that help prevent chipped edges. To protect your handsome investment and ensure the longest life from enamel-clad steel mixing bowls, wash by hand. Find them in sizes like standard 3 quart mixing bowls for everyday meals or 20 quart bowls for large gatherings. Beautiful enamel steel bowls go seamlessly from food prep to table to storage, maximizing your investment in these fine cookware products.

Uses for Steel Mixing Bowls

There are many uses for steel mixing bowls, making them is a must for cooks.

Pulling double duty

Stainless steel and glass bowls are used as part of a double boiler in an emergency. Setting the bowl on top of the boiling water serves the purpose of melting chocolate or cheese – just like a real double boiler.

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Do not forget about the water boiling in the pan as it, along with the mixture in the bowl, causes burns if not handled properly. Use oven mitts or potholders when you touch the bowl or pan.

Little only in size

Steel mixing bowls are available in a wide price range and in many different sizes and combinations. Very tiny mixing bowls may appear to serve no purpose; however, these 1-quart bowls are just the right size for whipping up an egg without spilling it over the side. Cereal bowls may get the job done – but not as well as a bowl that is designed for such a reason.

The Perfect combination

Small mixing bowls are perfect when combining dry ingredients with liquids. It is simple to pour the contents into larger bowls to mix the recipe. Save money by purchasing a steel bowl sets that includes the small and large sizes you need.

Steel mixing bowls are as practical now more than ever. Their durable surface and attractive finish will never go out of style.

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