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7 Best Velveeta Substitutes For Cheese Dip Recipes

Velveeta cheese is a popular type of cheese that’s very similar to processed, American cheese(used for melting in pizza, pasta, cheese sauce, and cheeseburgers). Velveeta is a mixed cheese that’s made from cheddar cheese, Colby cheese, and Swiss cheese. 

Since real cheese is very hard to melt and let’s face it, every human being in the world needs melted cheese in their life. People use processed types of cheese like Velveeta since it’s mostly milk protein and whey protein, and it melts very easily. 

Now, what do you use as a Velveeta substitute when you can’t find this creamy cheese in the stores? Don’t worry, we got some ideas.

Substitutes for Velveeta cheese are

  1. Monterey Jack 
  2. Swiss Cheese
  3. Pepper Jack 
  4. Mild Cheddar Cheese
  5. Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  6. Eden Cheese 
  7. American Cheese 

To learn more about these types of cheese, please keep up with the rest of the article. 

Velveeta Substitutes 

Monterey Jack Tillamook Cheese 2lb Baby Loaf (Choose Flavor Below) (Monterey Jack) 

Monterey Jack is a type of American cheese that originates from California. It’s made from cow’s milk and it is aged just enough time to form a rind, a semi-soft structure, and a nutty flavor. 

There are different types of Monterey Jack but the most popular version is called Pepper Jack. This is a semi-firm cheese with a creamy texture and infused with sweet peppers. 

If you’re not a big pepper fan you can find other variations of Monterey Jack infused with lots of herbs, spices.

Swiss CheeseOrganic Valley Alpine Style Organic Baby Swiss Cheese Slices 

There is nothing that I would rather do right at this moment than go to Switzerland and try every type of cheese I can find on the market.

Lots of people think that when someone talks about Swiss cheese that they refer to only one specific type of cheese but that is not the case here. 

Swiss cheese is actually different types of well, Swiss cheeses; there are literally hundreds of them and for me, a fellow cheese lover, they are all really special in their own way. 

Swiss cheese makes a perfect substitute for Velveeta because most of them are made out of cow’s milk and have a smooth texture, making it excellent for melting and getting that creamy taste.

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Pepper Jack Tillamook Cheese 2lb Baby Loaf (Choose Flavor Below) (Pepper Jack) 

Yes, I know, I’ve mentioned Pepper Jack in the paragraph before but I really feel like this version of Monterey Jack cheese deserves its own paragraph and its own moment to shine. 

Pepper Jack is an American delicacy and makes an excellent replacement for Velveeta, plus, it gives you a little peppery kick that’s just enough to make all your dishes a little bit different than expected. 

If you’re lucky enough, you can even find some even more delicious versions of Pepper Jack that are enriched with some additional ingredients like thyme, lavender, and even some toasted almonds or walnuts. Adding this aromatic cheese is a nice way to make your cheese sandwiches, and sauces a little fancier. 


If you’re a cheese fanatic like me and you don’t live under a rock, you must have heard about Cheddar cheese before. Mild Cheddar is a popular cheese that has been left to age for only a short amount of time( only 2 or 3 months) and it has a semi-hard texture. This is an amazing melting cheese with a smooth texture that people use for the same purpose as the Velveeta.

If you want to use it as a topping for your burgers and get that classic ”melting cheese all over the sides of the burger” effect, I recommend using cheddar cheese slices which I agree, isn’t actual cheese but hey, it works amazingly. 

Sharp Cheddar Cheese Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 8 oz (Packaging May Vary) 

Sharp cheddar is one of the best American cheeses if you ask me and it makes a great Velveeta cheese substitute. Sharp cheddar can be aged up to a year and therefore it has a firm and smooth texture and more pronounced taste. 

Sharp cheddar is also a very versatile cheese, meaning you can put it in any combination of ingredients and it will still taste amazing and you know, cheesy.

Sharp cheddar is a little bit more difficult to melt but you can still incorporate it in your favorite sandwiches and cheese dips and give you a milky but savory flavor. 

Eden Cheese Kraft Eden Original Cheese 430 g (1) 

When it comes to creating some creamy, cheezy, really melty dishes then Eden cheese is the right way to go. I know that most cheese enthusiasts will disagree that this isn’t the right way to go since this Velveeta substitute is highly processed and there are always way better options but Eden cheese really melts so fast and a little bit of a boost in flavor. Eden is a great cheese to add to your macaroni & cheese recipes or nacho cheese recipes.

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American CheeseKraft Cheese American Singles Yellow 8 OZ Pack of 3 

American cheese is a classic American staple to add on top of cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and mac and cheese(especially American cheese slices).

This is a highly processed cheese made out of a wide range of other types of cheese(Colby cheese, curd cheese, cheddar cheese, and granular cheese. 

Even though it’s a versatile cheese and it melts very easily, this isn’t the best cheese to have in your fridge. I mean, there are so many alternative real cheese options that are not highly processed and filled with artificial coloring. 

What Is Velveeta Cheese?Velveeta Original Cheese, 64 oz 

Velveeta cheese is actually a byproduct of variations of cheese that is very similar to American cheese. The first time that it was invented it was for the purpose to save the broken wheels of cheese.

Velveeta was made from real cheese such as cheddar cheese, Colby cheese, and Swiss cheese in its beginning days, now it’s mostly just whey protein concentrate, milk protein, fat, and a bunch of preservatives. It is now considered to be a cheese product but not actual cheese. 

Velveeta is excellent for melting into cheese sauces, mac and cheese, and every other cheesy dish you can think of. It has kind of a bitter taste but you can taste the cheesiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Substitute Velveeta Cheese For Cheddar Cheese

Yes. Cheddar cheese is a great alternative for Velveeta cheese and plus, it can easily melt since it’s considered to be a soft cheese. 

Velveeta Substitute Mac And Cheese

If you want to substitute Velveeta in mac and cheese recipes you can use American cheese, Eden cheese, Gouda cheese, and Cheddar.

Pepper Jack Velveeta Substitute

Pepper Jack is an excellent substitute for Velveeta especially if you want to add a little bit of a kick in your recipes and make them fancier. Pepper Jack is a pepper-infused cheese that can make any dish instantly much better. 

Healthy Velveeta Substitute 

Feta cheese is one of the best, healthiest alternatives for Velveeta cheese. It has a soft, tangy taste, and you can easily melt it. Feta is rich in calcium and protein, which are part of a healthy, nutritional diet.