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What Goes With French Onion Soup? 7 Food Or Drinks That Is Perfect

Be it a romantic anniversary dinner, or a delicious family lunch that you’re planning, the French onion soup is always an exquisite choice. Although the soup itself doesn’t require any extra charm to beguile every tongue, the proud chef can always add something special for a little ‘mmm’ on top.

Since it isn’t ordinary soup we’re talking about here, probably not every traditional addition will suit it, while some less famous ones will amount to its magic.

Thinking of preparing something substantial and tasty for your next meal or as a starter for your next event? Then you could go with a bowl of French Onion Soup. But the only glitch is that we often fail to decide what goes with French onion soup?

Classic French Onion Soup Recipe

Classic French Onion Soup originated in France in the 18th century and isn’t just an ordinary soup, but basically a way of life there. (Source)

It only requires a few ingredients of the base which includes beef stocks, onions, wine, Worcestershire sauce and some seasonings.

The Perfect Food Pairings

This yummy onion soup is made with a meaty soup base (chicken, pork, beef broth or veal), cheese, bread and lots of caramelized onions for full flavor, unsalted butter(feel free to use vegan butter or olive oil if avoiding dairy), gloves garlic and salt for favoring.

It would be best to cook this type of soup in a big and heavy pot, making sure to stir the onions occasionally(every minutes or so) using a medium or low heat often so as not to end up burning them.

The best thing about French Onion Soup is that it is made with the simplest of ingredients but when combined, make for a filling and delectable soup with different flavors and textures. Having the melted gruyere swiss cheese and croutons on the top and eating it while it’s still piping hot is the best way to enjoy it.

Is your mouth watering yet? Now that you have an idea of what French Onion Soup is and a rough idea on how to prepare it, let us talk about what goes with French onion soup? A list of food combinations that would complement your hearty bowl of soup is given next.


Without a doubt, croutons are every soup’s best friend. This also happens to be the case with French onion soup, as most of those who put the croutons on top of it claim their taste buds exploded with delight. We haven’t tried it, but we’ll let the experienced public be the judge.

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You can experiment with all sorts of spices and flavours, for croutons are no strangers to innovation and originality. Let your gastronomic talent do as it pleases, and we’re sure you’ll have hit the jackpot.

Crisp Green Salad

  • House Salad
  • Ceasar Salad
  • Garden Salad
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Cucumber Salad

Probably the best dish to pair with French Onion Soup is a fresh green salad – House Salad, Ceasar Salad, Garden Salad, Broccoli Saladrefreshing Cucumber Salad or any similar kind of salad with a tangy vinaigrette dressing – since it is light and would perfectly compliment the filling nature of the soup.

Pairing French Onion Soup with a salad will cut through the richness of the soup and will provide enough substance to make this pair a complete meal!

Baked Potatoes

You can bake potatoes whole, cut out in pieces or individually ravaged bits – no matter what you do, they’re still going to taste divine (based on the way you bake them). This is why they make a great addition to the French onion soup, although that’s already a meal in itself.

Sometimes the croutons don’t satisfy the starch requirement and basic bread is simply too plain, which is where baked potatoes come into play. If you’re making a big feast with French onion soup as one of the main courses, plenty of baked potatoes should be available for the occasion.


Tuna adds a world of flavours to the French onion soup. What’s even better is that you can make it any way you like, and it’ll still enhance the taste perfectly.

You can make a quick tuna salad by popping open a can and mixing it with other desired ingredients, along with a touch of vinegar or something else from the list (vinaigrette).

This addition will give it the extra acidity that it needs to fully express the authentic taste of the French onion soup, allowing for a delicious main course made up of meals that are usually side-dishes.

Slice of bread

There are a few ways to enjoy your french onion in the traditional route with a slice of bread. You can either spread butter on each slice of bread or serve with 1/3 cup grated cheese on top with chewy french bread. Alternatively, the method I love most is toasting in the oven or toaster until it is golden crisp.

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The Perfect Drink to Go with Your Soup

So many food options, enough to make your stomach start rumbling. But don’t run off to the kitchen yet, we’ve also compiled a list of drinks that would go perfectly with French Onion Soup.

Most people only know about French Onion Soup as a starter or an appetizer before a meal but in fact, when paired with the right food and drink, can be a meal in itself.

This type of soup on its own is hearty enough, but combining it with the perfect food or drink will enhance the meal further and give you (and your guests) a superb dining experience.

Read on and learn about the different kinds of wine which will be best with your hearty French Onion Soup.

White Wine

When choosing the perfect white wine to go with your soup, which is has a rich broth as well as creamy, medium or full bodied white wine would be best. A dry wine or something with texture or creaminess would go well with the soup too. A few good options of ideal white wine are:

  • A nice Pinot Gris from Alsace, Oregon or California.
  • A sensible Roussanne or Roussanne blend
  • A good Viognier or Gewürztraminer

These variations of white wines go well with French Onion Soup as they enhance the flavors found in the soup, such as the toasted, buttery flavor of the cheese and the sweetness of the onions.

Red Wine

A good red wine would be an ideal dry wine choice to pair with French Onion Soup if the broth has been made with veal or beef. Sweet red wines with fruity tones would be perfect to cut through the richness of the soup. A few good choices of red wines would be:

  • A classic Cru Beaujolais
  • A good Pinot Noir
  • A pleasant Dolcetto (from Italy)

The acidic quality and sweetness from these kinds of wine would be a delicious contrast to the soup and will surely elevate your meal.

Conclusion – Serve It Up!

Now you won’t find difficulty in deciding what goes with French onion soup?

Now, that you know what goes with French onion soup, you can make this dish even further by pairing it with a light or hearty dish and complimentary wine; you can serve it up for your next meal.

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Or you can also impress your friends and family by preparing French Onion Soup and pairing it with food or wine that goes with it. There are many options out there and you can go ahead and mix, match and try them all!